Friday, July 14, 2006

Progressive Needs

The air around me changes,
When you enter into the room.
I feel the warmth of your heart.
Your skin emits it's own perfume.

Breathing you in I feel nourished,
Yet my body responds with need.
A need to feel your skin against me.
An insatiable hunger that I must feed.

Flesh pressed together tightly,
Only increases the yearning.
A need to have you deep inside me.
A fire within me burning.

Bodies become one in an instant.
The final urge wells up inside.
The need to feel you cum.
The need to feel you satisfied


Ryder said...

Recently found your blog and have to tell you it is captivating. I will return to read more. I would also like to link to you if you dont mind.

yor work here is excelent.

Brandy said...

Thank you so much for your compliment and I would love the link.

DevilBlueDress said...

I love this! Ryder is right. Captivating.. I too will add as a link. Thank you.