Monday, July 03, 2006

Experimenting With Taboo

The perfect set of dark pink nipples,
Standing tall, eraser size.
When attended to with proper touch
Will yield to you a luscious prize.

The slight twinge of pain as you bite
Sends shivers into her core.
Fingers squeezing ever tighter.
The river flowing, more and more.

Lightning flashes, the clamp bares down.
Such exquisite sensation.
Pouring forth in gushing waves,
A lust beyond imagination.

Teeth pull back, the chain grows taunt.
Flames erupt inside her head.
The river continues over flowing.
The wetness now has spread.

A constant sensation with no escape.
Her eyes beg you like a slave's.
Searing pleasure as the clamp slips free,
Surging forth in constant waves.

Collapsing down upon your chest
You feel them pressed against you.
Unheard of pleasure has been yours,
Experimenting with taboo.

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