Saturday, July 22, 2006

Molten Daydreams

The sweet taste of honey oozes from me.
Dripping from my swollen, pink and puffy lips.
Where my fingers have violated me completely.
Matching the synch of my upward thrusting hips.
In my dreams, your hands were my captures.
Searching my body for liquid treasure.
Spilling forth, in flowing, lust filled waves,
A molten heat of undefinable pleasure.


adam said...

"Your hands as captures," and the dream of this, are my favorite images/lines of the poem.

I can see you, in this poem; wet, and shiney, as a pirate's treasure, lifted from the sea.



Brandy said...

I am flattered beyond words by your comments. Thank you.

Spirit said...

I have never read a more wonderful description of the female orgasm. The vision ...the image of you ...
Wonderful ...

Brandy said...

Wow...once again, I am flattered. Thank you Spirit.