Thursday, July 27, 2006

When you look at me,
Who is it that you see?
I am so many people,
And they all consist of me.

Do you see the adoring mother,
I strive each day to be?
The woman who would give her life,
To provide her child eternal safety.

Or do you see the child herself,
That still lives within my heart?
The little girl who is sometimes scared.
The girl who loves life, each and every part.

Or do you see the woman,
Who's heart is full of desire?
A woman who wants and needs.
A woman who emits fire.

For there are so many people,
That make up the person that I am,
I wonder when you look at me,
Do you see who I think I am?

Do you see my honesty?
Do you see the values I treasure?
Do you know that happiness and love,
Are things I think you cannot measure?

Do you know how much I love my mother?
Do you know what real friendship means to me?
When you look at me, I wonder,
Who is it that you see?


Brandy said...

My contibution to HNT...

The nakedness of my words.

What is it that you see?

Spirit said...

Very kool hun ...I see warmth, compassion, truth and honesty ...with a big chunk of commitment.

gia said...

I was just over at my blog a few minutes ago talking about how there are those of you who have the power to find my words... as I read yours - which are beautiful, heartfelt, touching, moving, warm, honest, I wish that I could give you a hug and whisper into your ear these words: Thank you.

I definately see the fire, the passion, that you need and want and desire - not only for yourself but the one who inspires your posts. I also see warmth, compassion, truth commitment and honesty as well as the little girl who still appreciates all that life and nature has to offer, not to mention the woman that you are. Happy HNT. :)

adam said...

The many sides of a person--seen, and not seen; even half-seen--are revealed in your poetry.

Poetry is so very personal, naked. It can be an expession of our deepest, and most heart-felt moments; also, challenge our thoughts--make us think.

There is an element of both, flowing through your poetry.

Thank you, Brandy, for sharing this with us. You've done some fine work here. It is a huge collection, which is constantly evolving, and moving--ever hopefully--forward.

Happy Half-Nekkid Thursday, to you too!!


Ryder said...

they say a picture is worth a thousand words. My dear, I think you have just proven that is not always the case. Few can paint an image with words, you do so, vividly.

Leigh said...

Thanks to Spirit I have found your blog, your words are full of power and honesty.

Polyman2 said...

I see a complex
woman that is simply
a human being.