Thursday, May 27, 2004

I think I just may be obsessed with sex. OK, who am I kidding, I know I am.
Anyway, an innocent comment from a friend of the hubby's last night sparked an incredible fantasy in my head. I went to bed thinking about it. Woke up this morning still thinking about it. Before I knew it, my hands started to wander, I had to have it...

"Good morning officer." I beam.
"License and registration." he demands
"Gee, I don't even get a please." I giggle
"License and registration...Please." he monotones.
"What seems to be the problem, officer?" I ask with a wink.
"Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" he asks.
"Ummm, no." I say innocently.
"Way to fast, young lady, way to fast."
"But officer, I like it fast." I say with a smile.
"Well around these parts, young lady, we like to take it slow and easy."
"Oh no officer, I don't even know how to take it slow and easy. Maybe you could show me how." I say with a devilish smile.
"Young lady, with an attitude like that, I have no other choice than to take you in. Please step out of the car."
The heel of the strappy high healed sandals I was wearing grazes his leg as I exit the car, legs first. He notices immediately I am wearing no panties under my short little back skit.
"Ma-am, I am going to have to pat you down before I put you in my patrol car." he says with a gleam in his eye.
I can feel the strength in his hands as they travel over my body. I notice as he hesitates slightly at my inner thigh. I feel his fingers twitch when he realizes how wet I am. He grips tightly on my ass cheeks as he lowers me into the car. His eyes shift from the road to the mirror and back to the road. I can feel the heat rising. The station is small and empty.
"My , my, everyone must be out to lunch." he says as he leads me down the hall.
"This is our training room." he says as he opens the door.
It looks like some kind of meeting room with a long table and chairs. One wall is mirrored in smoked glass, no doubt it's two way.
"A speedy little thing like you needs a good lesson in slow and easy, and I will be your professor." he said, while slowly unbuttoning my blouse. His thumbs grazing my nipples as he separated the fabric.
"Fast little girls never wear undergarments." he scolded. "Unwrapping the present is half the fun."
With my clothes in a heap on the floor, he lifted me onto the table. Removing the handcuffs from his belt, he shackled my ankle to the table leg. Almost as if it had been planned he retrieved three more sets of hand cuffs from a box near the door. Lying naked, arms and legs spread, shackled to the table, my pussy was on fire.
"There, there, my little fast one, we have only just begun the lesson and your little pussy is dripping like a faucet. You want cock so bad you can't stand it. But not yet, oh no, not yet. We have a lot of ground to cover before you get cock. And we will be going very slowly, so as not to miss anything important."
He knelt to the floor and began nibbling on my ankle. Hot bolts of lightening traveled through me as he worked his way up my leg. Biting, sucking, licking, absolutely torchering my senses. He hesitated slightly as his mustache grazed my open pussy.
"Oh darling, you are a fast one.'
The course hair tickled my clit. As my body writhed in pleasure, he proceeded down the other leg. I'm sure there must have been a puddle on the table, I know I was dripping.
"Oh you naughty little girl." he said patting my pussy.
"Does this sweet little cunt want some attention?"
He pinched my clit. Waves of sheer ecstasy rolled through my body. He began to explore with those strong hands. He held my clit tightly between two fingers as he lapped at it with his tongue. Stiff whiskers brushing back and forth. I can no longer see. The ceiling just a blurr. I hear a rustling from his belt. Something hard presses against the pucker of my ass, while he laps up the cum gushing from my slit.
"Occasionally, I have to use my nightstick when someone has been very naughty. My darling, have you been very naughty?" he asks.
"Yes officer." I reply, sounding a bit to eager.
I feel the pressure increase as he slips one finger inside my hot puss. He slowly moves his finger in and out as he presses the nightstick harder on my pucker. Wanting more, I thrust my hips against his probing finger.
Without skipping a beat, he increases the number of digits to two. Not enough! My pussy must have more.
"Fuck me now!" I scream.
"Soon, my love, soon. Remember, we are taking it slow and easy."
The pressure on my ass disappears as I feel something hard press against my throbbing slit.
"There, there, my love, doesn't that feel nice?" he asks as he slips the nightstick in. It's cold and hard, but yes, it feels good. He slides it in and out of my sticky little slit with ease. I moan as he probes deeper.
"Oh you do like it, don't you?"
He picks up the pace. In and out. In and out. Two fingers circling my clit. I feel my body tense up as the wave begins to build. So close. Suddenly nothing. I open my eyes as I hear the nightstick drop to the floor. He is unleashing his pant. I gasp in sheer delight as his massive cock springs erect, pants falling to the floor. He moves toward my open legs once more. The head of his thick member feverishly rubbing my tender clit. My body feels on the brink of eruption as he slowly slides that hot, fleshy cock all the way in to the base. My body shudders with pleasure as the waves crash through my head. He holds it there, not moving an inch until I go limp in the aftermath of my orgasm. He reaches down and pinches my clit between his fingers again and begins to impale me with his massive cock. Over and over. In and out, the intensity increasing with every stroke. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure crashes over my body as he keeps up this rigid pace. I stare deep into his eyes and beg for his cum seconds before he explodes deep inside me.
He sits back in the chair and stares at my quivering pussy as he lights a cigarette.
"My darling, that was only lesson one. Close you eyes and rest a while. As soon as the fellas are back from lunch we can get started on lesson two. '
"Oh my, back so soon?" he calls towards the door.
I hear the rustling outside the door as his smile turns devilish once again.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Have you ever dreaded something and it turned out to be OK? Well this past weekend I went away with the hubby's Grandma for the weekend. I had been dreading it. Turns out we had a fabulous time together. (Get your dirty minds out of the gutter, she's 73 for God sakes!) Anyway, we drove for six hours to our destination. Found our way with no problem whatsoever, thanks to good ol' Mapquest. We stayed at a lovely hotel, and went to visit family. To my surprize, on the trip home our conversation turned to sex! Now I don't usually have a problem discussing sex, but I was initially uncomfortable doing so with the hubby's Gram. This did not last long. She is a very open woman for her age. She told me how her husband(he died a few years back) had a "real big one". He wanted it every night and it was the best she ever had. Turns out Gram was quite the little hottie back in the day! We really had a great time together and my opinion of old people and sex has defintly changed. When I got home I was fired up and ready to go. Hubby was quite horny too! We fucked so hard I thought we'd catch the sheets on fire from the friction! Nothing fancy, no juicy details to tell, just straight, "Oh my God I missed your cock/pussy fuckin! Didn't tell him about Gram's and my little conversation, don't think he'd even really want to know.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Incredible!! A wandering mind can be a beautiful thing! I just had one hell of a satisfying fuck!

I jump in my seat when he knocks on the door. Shit! He walks in. He notices right away, I look flushed.
"What you been up to?"
I answer honestly..."Looking at porn."
"Wow, and you got that flushed, just looking?"
Trying to look ashamed..."Well, maybe I did a bit more than look."
"Oh, so is it a private session or can anyone join?"

And so it went...his hands touching me everywhere, pinching nipples, biting flesh. Hot smacks on my ass, pink handprints stinging with pleasure as my nipples are being pulled, savage little biting of the tender skin on the neck. His cock deep inside me, filling me with him. The constant thrusting, the dripping sweat, the hot scent of sex and desire mingled. Legs twitching, body writhing, vision blurring...deep, hot, throbbing. My pussy walls tightening...holding him deep. Collapsing in sheer exhaustion and pleasure.
Opening my eyes, I find myself alone once again.
God I love fantasy!
Wow! I just found my new favorite site! I love the way this girl thinks!

I don't have nearly enough computer knowledge to figure out how to put this as a link! Help me Mike!!

Check out the archives! Since my recent phone sex date I especially liked her 01/24/04 entry. Advertising for a "Toyboy".

Anyway, I am going to find myself some good porn and go enjoy some chair time!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Hubby's home!

Poor fellow didn't even get all the way through the door before I was pulling his pants off! After three nights of flying solo with the big purple dildo I needed a real dick and I needed it now!

"Damn baby! Missed me that much?" he said, as I dragged him through the door. He must have missed me too, cause he was tearing my shirt off as quickly as I was removing his shorts! Halfway down the hall to the bedroom, I was on my knees. He pinched at my nipples as I took his cock into my mouth. Hard and thick and deep in my throat! Three lonely nights without 'live' cock! My God I felt like a shark in a feeding frenzy! Licking, sucking, biting...Give me more! My pussy was drenched! Hell, my pussy got wet the minute he called and said he was about an hour away! He pulled me to my feet and dragged me the rest of the way down the hall and pushed me back on the bed! He immediately buried his face in my snatch. As good as this felt, I needed dick! I wiggled my way out from under his hold and headed straight for his cock like an infant needing so desperately to suck! "Please?" I begged in the most seductive voice, as I fell to my knees. That's all it took! He grabbed my hair, wound it around his hand and started fucking my hot little mouth. I had made sure to put on some dark red lipstick as soon as he said he was on his way home. I'm sure most men agree that the only thing better than a pair of lips wrapped around your cock is a pair of lips coated in hot red lipstick wrapped around your cock. I looked longingly into his eyes as he wrapped his other hand around my throat so he could feel his cock invading it's depth. Over the years I have gotten really good at controlling the gagging reflex. I love to have a cock buried deep in the back of my throat. He was on the verge of cumming when I pulled my face away. "No, no, no," I told him as I pushed him back onto the bed. "I'm not finished sucking yet. I've got three days to make up for here." He groaned in delight as he arranged the pillows under his head to enhance his view. I know he loves to watch. It turns me on so much when he does. He has also developed a real love for taking pictures since we bought a digital camera. He keeps it right next to the bed in the basket that we refer to as the "toy box".
Flash...Flash...Flash...Flash...Flash...I stare straight into the camera, green eyes glowing with greed. "More cock...Give me all of it" I choke out as I go all the way to the base. Eyes watering from the urge to gag mixed with the constant flash. A pause in the flashing as he reviews his own personal porn pictures. They must have been pretty hot, I think to myself as his hips start bucking under my mouth. I reach under and squeeze tightly on his balls as he groans with intense pleasure. One finger sliding down towards his ass. That sweet little zone right below the balls that sends I guy into orbit if you graze it just right with your fingernail. I feverishly suck. Keeping up the pace. My mouth closed tightly around his cock. The camera drops to the bed as he tangles his fingers into my hair. Grasping the back of my head, hair pulled tightly, he begins to thrust his hips upward shoving every inch of his cock into my tight throat. I feel his balls tighten under my grasp. I know he is ready to cum. I only suck harder. He pumps every drop into my throat, I swallow deeply as I sneak another graze down in the forbidden zone. He moans in sheer ecstasy.
I crawl up next to him on the bed and kiss his cheek. Poor guy, must feel like jello right now. "Welcome home." I whisper in his ear and cover him up. You go ahead and take a nap, you had a long drive home and your gonna need the energy. My pussy will be waiting for you tonight.

Well since he had been away fishing all weekend, we had to do the only natural thing and invite everyone over for a cook-out. We had fish and crabs and I made an incredible salad if I say so myself. Hot little Johnny was here. Two of the hubby's old friends, one of them is mighty sexy. He's a bit older but still real sexy. A friend of ours from down the street. Her name is Cathy. She's a real cutie too. Blond hair, cute little ass. The hubby, although he will never admit it, wants her so bad he can almost taste it. I love how he thinks I don't notice. Hell, she's gorgoeus. If I was a guy I'd want to fuck her like a rag doll! Anyway we ate a faboulous dinner and drank a number of glasses of wine out on the deck over the river. It was such a nice night. The hubby and I exchanged many long glances filled with lustful thoughts of what was to come later in the evening. The tiki tourches on the deck threw a suductive orange, red glow over the deck. The wine started to go to my head, which always makes me horny. Every way I turned something sexy to look at. Every face like a small drop of gasoline fueling the desire of three nights without cock. Johnny with his hot young tight body, Kathy, with those gorgeous eyes, Mike with his hot ass, and the hubby with the prize I was to get tonight. Damn I thought to myself, "I'm so horny, my ovaries hurt!" After a while the party started to wind down. Johnny had went home, Mike and Rusty were saying there goodbyes to us when Cathy asked if we would like to join her in her hottub. "Oh hell yeah!!" I thought as I politely said, "Sure that sounds like a perfect end to this lovely evening." "Ok, I'll go and turn it on so it's good and warm when you guys get there." she relied. If she only knew how hot I was right now she'd probably go home and ice the thing down!
Now, given my recent fascination with women, getting into a hottub with Cathy was a total turn-on. Knowing that the hubby wants her too. More wine...Hot bubbly water..A few innocent grazes against her legs as I imagine the hubby fucking her. I know he is thinking this too. Whether in his head it's the three of us or just him and her, I know right now in his mind he is fucking her! My own fantasy flip flopped in my mind from the three of us to just her and I devouring each other while he watched.
After a few glasses of wine and some lovely conversation it was time to go home.
The second we were in the truck my hands were down his and my own pants simotaniously. I pumped his cock as I rubbed my hot sticky slit. Thank God she only lives six blocks away. By the time we got home he had a raging hard on. We practically knocked pictures off the walls in the hallway on the way to the bedroom. Hands and mouths and tongues everywhere. Not knowing in his mind if he was with me or fantasizing of Cathy, not caring either way. Just give me cock and give it to me hard and nasty! He tore my wet suit off of me and bent my ass over the end of the bed and spanked it good and hard! Oh goodie! He wants to play!!

"Were you a good girl while I was gone?" He asks
"Depends on what you mean by good." I teased
"What did you do, you dirty little girl?" He asks (knowing what I'll say)
"I played with 'your' pussy while you were gone" I admit, acting ashamed
"Oh you did, did you? What did you do to my pussy? Did you finger it like this?" he asks as he slips one in. "Uh-huh" I say as he spanks me again. "Did you do it good and hard like this?" He says as he starts pumping his finger at a feverish pace. I am so wet. "Did you use two fingers?" He asks as he slides the second in without skipping a beat. I have my first orgasm as he smacks my ass again. Oh what a bad little girl you were. I bet you even let this big purple dildo fuck my pussy while I was gone!" He said, trying to sound stern. "Uh-huh." I whimper.
"Oh you did. Bad girl!" He says as he reaches into the toy-box for it. "Did you fuck it real good?" He asks as he slides it all the way in and holds it deep until I answer. "I tried." I say. "Maybe you can show me again so I can do it good next time." I whimper. On queue he starts to pump that big purple cock in and out. "There you go baby, a big hard cock fuckin that pussy. Oh you like it don't you? Now lets not forget about that precious clit. Oh yeah baby, you gotta squeeze that clit while you pumping the fat cock inside. That's what really makes it feel good." He says as I cum again. "Did you do it like that baby? Did you have your ass in the air, pumping this cock in and out like this?" He asks. "Bad girl. Turn over. There you go, now spread those pussy lips for me. Oh...They are so smooth. Did you shave it for me baby? Now that's a good girl. Did you let this big fat dildo fuck my pussy like this too?" He asks as he pushes it in. "Uh-huh." "Did you rub the clit real good like this?" He asks as he piston pumps me with the cock. I explode with pleasure. "Oh baby, look at you cum. Tired of this big purple cock?" He asks "Fuck me!!" I practically scream as he mounts me and shoves that wonderful, hot, fleshy, real cock deep in my hole. Sheer ectasty. I cum almost immediately. I don't care how good the dildo or how many fancy attachments it has, nothing in the world feel like a real cock, violating your pussy. He did just that. He fucked me like he hadn't had it in weeks. Damn did I sleep good last night!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Almost caught

Four am
Am I out of my mind
If I left here now
I wouldn't have time
To do all the things
I've been dreaming about
I just can't risk
Being found out
"I'll unlock the door"
"Just let yourself in"
Late night phone calls
Leading to sin
I just can't do it
It's much to late
If it had been earlier
Would I have taken the bait?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

So fucking horny!!! Time to play!

God, it's so soft and smooth, I just shaved it last night. I love too caress the soft smooth skin of my pussy. It sends shivers down my spine when I caress it and slowly work my way toward the inside. A slight little graze of the clit.'s immediately hard! I graze it again...stopping just long enough to pinch it slightly. God that feels good. Almost instantly my pussy gets warm and moist. It amazes me how just the right touch on your clit can make you soaking wet almost immediatly, and other times you can rub and rub forever and you still have to dig the lube out of the drawer. Anyway, I graze it again only harder this time. I go straight for it and pinch it real hard. Holding it there between my fingers, I flick it with the tips of my fingernails. My whole body shudders in reaction to this sudden intense pleasurable wave. Over and over I flick it. A little harder each time. Faster and faster, I pick up the pace. Just as my vision begins too blurr, I release my clit. Taking a few moments too enjoy the "high" feeling almost cumming gives you, I start to carress my nipples. God, I love my nipples. They are so sensitive. I start to tug on them, clamping down harder each time. As the buzz of almost cumming wears off, I release my nipples and head straight for the hot wet region below thats practaclly screaming for some kind of penetration! Once again the society of "instant gratification" trys to take hold! Resisting, knowing more time means more pleasure, I run my finger up and down that hot, sticky slit. I rub my sweet, hot juices all over my pussy. I am soaking wet now! I move my finger up and down my slit, increasing the preasure with each stroke. Threatening with each pass to finally penetrate. Up and down. Harded and harder. Half a finger! Oh my God!...give me more! Penetration! Deep, hard, instant, penetration! In and out! The palm of my hand pressing firm on my clit. The friction on my clit increasing with each in and out moition. The sticky wettness from my pussy getting increasingly hotter from the constant friction. Slowly, I insert another finger. Letting my clit "breath" a little, I release it from underneath the palm of my hand and concentrate on the incredible pleasure penetration from two fingers can give a woman. And oh my God...can it! I thrust in and out, harder and faster. Images start forming in my head as I close my eyes and start to imagine...HIM! Whoever "HIM" might be at that molment. And all woman know that "HIM" can vary from day to day depending on the mood. Anyway "him" shows up in my head. I immediatly bend over and smack my ass good and hard! God I love that that slight stinging feeling a good smack leaves on your skin! I re-insert both fingers and start going at it good and hard. I use my shoulders to balance myself as I reach underneath and grab my clit between my two finger and squeeze. I imagine "him" talking to me as he sits on the edge of the bed and watches. "Come on baby, thats right. Fuck that pussy good for me. God, look at the cum dripping off those fingers. That's right baby, lick it. Lick those fingers clean. Now put them back in that pussy! No, no, no, I didn't say fuck that pussy. I said put them back in there! There, now thats a good girl, all the way in. Good. Now press real hard. Oh look at you. What a pretty little picture. Your ass in the air, a slightly pink hand print on your right cheek and two fingers buried deep inside that dripping pink slit! Ok baby...go at it, show me what you got, fuck that pussy good for me..."HIM" fades into the background as I steadily plunge those two dripping fingers into my pussy. Wanting even more I turn over on my back and slowly insert yet another finger. As I work the three fingers in and out I slowly start to curl my middle finger inward towards my belly button. The more stimulated you are the easier it is too find. The soft squishy little button affectionatly know as the "G-spot! The more you rub it the harded it gets. It kind of starts to feel a little bumpy right before your vision blurrs and all sound is silent except the sound of your own carnal moans. Body feeling like jello, and a puddle on the bed. Roll over and grab a pillow. Nap time!