Monday, May 24, 2004

Have you ever dreaded something and it turned out to be OK? Well this past weekend I went away with the hubby's Grandma for the weekend. I had been dreading it. Turns out we had a fabulous time together. (Get your dirty minds out of the gutter, she's 73 for God sakes!) Anyway, we drove for six hours to our destination. Found our way with no problem whatsoever, thanks to good ol' Mapquest. We stayed at a lovely hotel, and went to visit family. To my surprize, on the trip home our conversation turned to sex! Now I don't usually have a problem discussing sex, but I was initially uncomfortable doing so with the hubby's Gram. This did not last long. She is a very open woman for her age. She told me how her husband(he died a few years back) had a "real big one". He wanted it every night and it was the best she ever had. Turns out Gram was quite the little hottie back in the day! We really had a great time together and my opinion of old people and sex has defintly changed. When I got home I was fired up and ready to go. Hubby was quite horny too! We fucked so hard I thought we'd catch the sheets on fire from the friction! Nothing fancy, no juicy details to tell, just straight, "Oh my God I missed your cock/pussy fuckin! Didn't tell him about Gram's and my little conversation, don't think he'd even really want to know.

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