Thursday, May 27, 2004

I think I just may be obsessed with sex. OK, who am I kidding, I know I am.
Anyway, an innocent comment from a friend of the hubby's last night sparked an incredible fantasy in my head. I went to bed thinking about it. Woke up this morning still thinking about it. Before I knew it, my hands started to wander, I had to have it...

"Good morning officer." I beam.
"License and registration." he demands
"Gee, I don't even get a please." I giggle
"License and registration...Please." he monotones.
"What seems to be the problem, officer?" I ask with a wink.
"Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" he asks.
"Ummm, no." I say innocently.
"Way to fast, young lady, way to fast."
"But officer, I like it fast." I say with a smile.
"Well around these parts, young lady, we like to take it slow and easy."
"Oh no officer, I don't even know how to take it slow and easy. Maybe you could show me how." I say with a devilish smile.
"Young lady, with an attitude like that, I have no other choice than to take you in. Please step out of the car."
The heel of the strappy high healed sandals I was wearing grazes his leg as I exit the car, legs first. He notices immediately I am wearing no panties under my short little back skit.
"Ma-am, I am going to have to pat you down before I put you in my patrol car." he says with a gleam in his eye.
I can feel the strength in his hands as they travel over my body. I notice as he hesitates slightly at my inner thigh. I feel his fingers twitch when he realizes how wet I am. He grips tightly on my ass cheeks as he lowers me into the car. His eyes shift from the road to the mirror and back to the road. I can feel the heat rising. The station is small and empty.
"My , my, everyone must be out to lunch." he says as he leads me down the hall.
"This is our training room." he says as he opens the door.
It looks like some kind of meeting room with a long table and chairs. One wall is mirrored in smoked glass, no doubt it's two way.
"A speedy little thing like you needs a good lesson in slow and easy, and I will be your professor." he said, while slowly unbuttoning my blouse. His thumbs grazing my nipples as he separated the fabric.
"Fast little girls never wear undergarments." he scolded. "Unwrapping the present is half the fun."
With my clothes in a heap on the floor, he lifted me onto the table. Removing the handcuffs from his belt, he shackled my ankle to the table leg. Almost as if it had been planned he retrieved three more sets of hand cuffs from a box near the door. Lying naked, arms and legs spread, shackled to the table, my pussy was on fire.
"There, there, my little fast one, we have only just begun the lesson and your little pussy is dripping like a faucet. You want cock so bad you can't stand it. But not yet, oh no, not yet. We have a lot of ground to cover before you get cock. And we will be going very slowly, so as not to miss anything important."
He knelt to the floor and began nibbling on my ankle. Hot bolts of lightening traveled through me as he worked his way up my leg. Biting, sucking, licking, absolutely torchering my senses. He hesitated slightly as his mustache grazed my open pussy.
"Oh darling, you are a fast one.'
The course hair tickled my clit. As my body writhed in pleasure, he proceeded down the other leg. I'm sure there must have been a puddle on the table, I know I was dripping.
"Oh you naughty little girl." he said patting my pussy.
"Does this sweet little cunt want some attention?"
He pinched my clit. Waves of sheer ecstasy rolled through my body. He began to explore with those strong hands. He held my clit tightly between two fingers as he lapped at it with his tongue. Stiff whiskers brushing back and forth. I can no longer see. The ceiling just a blurr. I hear a rustling from his belt. Something hard presses against the pucker of my ass, while he laps up the cum gushing from my slit.
"Occasionally, I have to use my nightstick when someone has been very naughty. My darling, have you been very naughty?" he asks.
"Yes officer." I reply, sounding a bit to eager.
I feel the pressure increase as he slips one finger inside my hot puss. He slowly moves his finger in and out as he presses the nightstick harder on my pucker. Wanting more, I thrust my hips against his probing finger.
Without skipping a beat, he increases the number of digits to two. Not enough! My pussy must have more.
"Fuck me now!" I scream.
"Soon, my love, soon. Remember, we are taking it slow and easy."
The pressure on my ass disappears as I feel something hard press against my throbbing slit.
"There, there, my love, doesn't that feel nice?" he asks as he slips the nightstick in. It's cold and hard, but yes, it feels good. He slides it in and out of my sticky little slit with ease. I moan as he probes deeper.
"Oh you do like it, don't you?"
He picks up the pace. In and out. In and out. Two fingers circling my clit. I feel my body tense up as the wave begins to build. So close. Suddenly nothing. I open my eyes as I hear the nightstick drop to the floor. He is unleashing his pant. I gasp in sheer delight as his massive cock springs erect, pants falling to the floor. He moves toward my open legs once more. The head of his thick member feverishly rubbing my tender clit. My body feels on the brink of eruption as he slowly slides that hot, fleshy cock all the way in to the base. My body shudders with pleasure as the waves crash through my head. He holds it there, not moving an inch until I go limp in the aftermath of my orgasm. He reaches down and pinches my clit between his fingers again and begins to impale me with his massive cock. Over and over. In and out, the intensity increasing with every stroke. Wave after glorious wave of pleasure crashes over my body as he keeps up this rigid pace. I stare deep into his eyes and beg for his cum seconds before he explodes deep inside me.
He sits back in the chair and stares at my quivering pussy as he lights a cigarette.
"My darling, that was only lesson one. Close you eyes and rest a while. As soon as the fellas are back from lunch we can get started on lesson two. '
"Oh my, back so soon?" he calls towards the door.
I hear the rustling outside the door as his smile turns devilish once again.

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