Thursday, May 20, 2004

Incredible!! A wandering mind can be a beautiful thing! I just had one hell of a satisfying fuck!

I jump in my seat when he knocks on the door. Shit! He walks in. He notices right away, I look flushed.
"What you been up to?"
I answer honestly..."Looking at porn."
"Wow, and you got that flushed, just looking?"
Trying to look ashamed..."Well, maybe I did a bit more than look."
"Oh, so is it a private session or can anyone join?"

And so it went...his hands touching me everywhere, pinching nipples, biting flesh. Hot smacks on my ass, pink handprints stinging with pleasure as my nipples are being pulled, savage little biting of the tender skin on the neck. His cock deep inside me, filling me with him. The constant thrusting, the dripping sweat, the hot scent of sex and desire mingled. Legs twitching, body writhing, vision blurring...deep, hot, throbbing. My pussy walls tightening...holding him deep. Collapsing in sheer exhaustion and pleasure.
Opening my eyes, I find myself alone once again.
God I love fantasy!

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