Sunday, October 26, 2008

I read a post the other day about "vanilla" dirty talk.
It got me to thinking about how lucky I am.
My lover and I first had "sex" over the phone.
Many naughty words and thoughts were exchanged.
Enhancing the self inflicted cum.
Making it better!
Many years later,
We still have better sex,
When words and thoughts are exchanged,
Along with the bodily fluids.

I thought I might treat you to a peek into my bedroom last night.....

I opened up the lingerie drawer to find something pretty to greet lover in after his shower. I came across the leopard print bikini top and ragged skirt bottoms of a Halloween outfit I wore last year. It's very hot. Made of soft fur-like material. A "taken little cave girl" scenario began to conjure up in my mind. He exited the shower very pleased. However the cave girl fantasy I had already started playing in my mind was thrown out the window quickly, when the leopard skin print caused him to utter these words....

"Come here little kitty."
"Come get up in my lap"
I crawled up into his lap and nuzzled his neck with kisses as his hand snaked down my body nestling itself on my needy little mound. I opened my legs to him instinctively.
"Good kitty." he whispered into my ear as I purred into his.
"Let me pet the little kitty."
"Oh, that makes kitty happy, doesn't it?"
I lick his neck in appreciation.
"Oh that's nice, kitty,"
"Help me pet the kitty, baby" he whispers,
As he guides my hand down to my needy little pussy.
"That's a good girl, help me pet the kitty."
"Help me make the kitty purr, baby."
He takes my fingers entwined with his and begins to rub circles around my greedy little clit. My hips lunge forward with the need to be filled as my face nuzzles into his neck and I purr.
"Good kitty." he whispers,
As he leaves my fingers circling my clit,
And plunges two of his into my needy, wet cunt.
"Good girl, rub the clit baby."
"Help me make the kitty purr."
"That's good, baby."
"Let's make the kitty purr nice baby."
"Good girl."
"Make it purr for me"
I want to feel it vibrate, baby."
"I want that pussy to squeeze my fingers tight when it purrs."
"Good girl."
"I can feel it baby."
"That little pussy's gonna cum for me isn't it, baby."
My face nuzzles his neck and I nod between whimpers and animal like cries.
I lay spread legged in his lap. His arm cradles me, his fingers on one hand pinch my nipple while his other hand assaults my pussy. He knows my pussy well. He knows when I am going to cum. The closer I get to it, the more he begs me for it.
"Oh baby, there it is."
"There's the cum, baby."
"Good girl."
"Help me get the cum, baby."
"Good girl, pet the kitty with me."
"Help me make it purr."
The dirty words throw me over the edge,
Into the bliss of orgasm and I cum all over his fingers.
Cradled in his lap.
Purring into his neck.

"Good kitty." he whispers to me.