Sunday, April 29, 2007

Your hands are tangled in my hair,
Gripping the back of my head,
As you press me further onto your cock.
My throat accommodates you.
My moans encourage you,
As you slowly begin to thrust.
Praising me for the pleasure I give you,
While using my mouth like a toy.
You pull your cock free,
Allowing me a short breath
The lust in my eyes begs you back.
Wanting the violation.
Enjoying being your toy.
Your cock sinks into the wetness again.
My throat constricts around the head.
My hair wrapped around your hand,
Provides you the control,
I freely give to you,
As you use my willing lips.
Violate my wet mouth.
Listening to the sounds of sex.
The slick wet sounds of the thrust.
The gagging moan that urges you on.
You take yourself to the edge of pleasure,
Allowing me but a small sample
Of the sweet taste of your lust.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The soft velvety feel of the petals,
Slowly stroking the length of my pussy,
Sends shivers through my veins.
Making my own petals moist.
A soft moan escapes my lips,
As you encircle my clit.
Leaning forward,
You taste of my juices,
Inhaling my scent,
Mixed with that of the rose.
Want pools in your groin.
You swell with need.
I feel the petals leaving my clit.
Traveling upwards.
Across my stomach.
The softness of the rose,
Followed by skin,
As you travel up my body.
Each nipple,
Traced with the petals,
Our lips meet with a soft moan,
As your cock slowly slides inside me.
And slowly.
Ever so slowly.
We make love,
As you trace my cheeks and mouth,
With the petals of the rose,
Between kisses of passion,
And love.

Lying naked on my bed,
I sit and stare at the page.
Collecting my thoughts.
Deciding the topic,
Of that I wish to write.
So many come to mind.
The softness of our kiss.
The urgency of our lust,
And the complete and total love I feel with you.
Every subject a special memory in my mind.
As the words flow from thoughts to paper.
Enjoying my favorite sport.
Creating pictures with words,
About my favorite subject,

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Such a simple little nightie,
Cotton trimmed in lace.
I knew at once you liked it,
By the smile reflected on your face.
But such a distraction it becomes.
Unable to finish the task in hand.
Seeing my nipples pressed against the lace.
Imaging, making me cum at your command.
Need builds in your cock,
As I continue to tease,
And you watch me as I pleasure myself,
In practiced expertise.
The vision that of fantasy.
A good little girl doing naughty things.
You hold my legs wide and settle yourself in,
Begging me to show you, all my practiced scenes.
"Show me how you please it."
"Show me how you make it cum."
"Do all the dirty little things you do,
When in your mind, a slut you become."
And with your cock in your hand,
The vision before you, controlling your stroke.
You watch me as I pleasure myself.
Enjoying the orgasms my fingers provoke.
A moan escapes your lips,
When the heat of my lust is felt.
My fingers still dripping with my cum,
Wrap around your cock and melt.
Taking turns, I stroke your cock.
Your fingers dive into my pool of lust.
Your hips move forward into my hand.
Mine meet, your fingers thrust.
Always be such a good girl for you.
Always wanting more.
An insatiable little pussy.
Wanting to be, your little whore.
You urge me on with dirty words.
Telling me, to show you, the secret things that I do.
My favorite toy in hand, you lie between my legs,
And watch me, as I fantasize of you.
With you cock steadily fucking your hand,
You bring yourself to edge pleasure.
And watch as your good girl, doing naughty things,
Soaks your cock in her liquid treasure.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My pussy is wet,
Glistening in the candlelight,
That flickers about the room.
The silver of the chain,
Almost hypnotizing,
As it shimmers,
Reflecting the flames,
With every slight movement.
So delicate, yet so naughty.
My nipples stand erect,
Pinched between the clamps.
So sensitive.
Blazing with flames of desire.
My clit exposed.
The clip fastened just right.
Standing erect,
It begs for your touch.
It burns with the white hot heat of desire.
A sudden moan spills from my lips,
As your cock slips into the depth of me.
Your mouth covers mine,
Inhaling my breath,
Devouring my moans.
Your chest is pressed tightly against me,
Against the clips.
My nipples feel the burn,
Of a molten heat inside me.
You feel the convulsions as they start.
The walls of my pussy suck on your cock.
You urge me on with dirty words
Breathed into my mouth
In lust fill kisses.
Every slow and steady thrust,
Sets my captive clit ablaze.
You tell me to cum.
Buried deep inside me,
You feel the waves,
As they crash through me.
Taste the moans as they escape my lips.
Our bodies meld together as one,
And I cum into you.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sometimes words come with tears.
There is no stopping them.
No matter how much you protest,
Sometimes words,
Just come with tears.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dedicated to all the bloggers out there that make me wet.

My fingers drift below my panties,
When I read your dirty thoughts.
I toy with my swollen clit,
In the wetness,
Your words have created,
As I close my eyes and envision,
Every dirty little scene.
I feel the plunge
Of the cock,
My hand has created,
As my fingers drift below my panties
When I read your dirty thoughts,
And live for a moment,
Caught up in your dreams.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

With my hands tied,
Behind my back,
You bend me to your liking.
My pussy,
You continue to violate me, at your will.
Taking my pleasure
Beyond imagination.
Puddles so deep,
It will sound as if you lied.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Found this new website.

Post Secret

I love it!

I am going to make one and send it in!

Friday, April 06, 2007

I want to be a bad girl for you.
I want you to make me do dirty things,
And fulfill all your naughtiest desires.
I want to grant your every deviant wish.
I want to do things with you,
My dirty little mind,
Has only dared to imagine.
I want to be a bad girl for you.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Your cock hard.
My mouth wet.
The restraints tight.
Over and over,
I bring you to the edge.
You are helpless to stop me.
Helpless to relieve the ache,
As I taste your samples,
But refuse to feast.
Making you want it.
Making you beg me for it.
Making you beg me,
To let you cum.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You play the sweetest music with my body,
As your fingers dance across my flesh.
My racing heartbeat and ragged breath,
Play background to the lucid moans.
My body responds like a fine tuned instrument,
Being played by a master musician.
One who creates,
The music of my very soul.

Inspired by comments from Percy.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The clips are fastened perfectly.
Each nipple stands erect.
Begging to be touched.
Connected by the silver chain,
Twinkling in the candlelight.
Running down the length of me,
Descending unto my clit.
Where the tightness of the clip,
Forces my swollen clit,
To stand proud and erect.
You sit behind me.
You place my head,
So tenderly on your open thigh.
You grasp you cock,
Gently in your hand.
It is hard.
Begging to cum.
You behold the scene you have created.
Your eyes gaze down upon my face,
Laying gently on your thigh.
My mouth moistens your cock,
As you say the sweetest words to me.
"Play with yourself, for me."
"Let me watch you cum."
My fingers immediately,
Begin to dance across my clit.
Held captive.
Aching to cum.
You stroke your cock,
As you watch me.
Feather light touches,
Send me out of control.
Your free hand toys with my nipple.
The first wave hits me,
As my fingers dig in.
A burst of cum escapes my hot hole.
A moan of delight leaves your lips,
As I gently place my wet hand on your shaft.
Sharing my cum with you.
Sliding it down the length of your cock.
Fueling my fires even further,
You whisper,
"Good girl."
"Make it cum some more, for me."
My wet fingers release your cock,
Travel slowly down my chest,
Dive deeply into my hole.
With your hand on your shaft,
You begin the purposeful strokes.
And with my fingers deep in my wet cunt,
You tug on the chain.
The explosion is intense.
Cum squirts from my pussy,
Wetting the sheets,
As hot spurts of cum,
Shoot wildly from your cock,
Across my face,
Onto my neck.
The second spurt lands like fire,
On my enflamed nipple,
As we moan together.
A heated, lustful moan.
Pleasuring ourselves,
For each other.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Take from me, what your cock desires.
My pussy is wet and waiting.
Hold my legs against the bed.
Make me your plaything.
Slam your cock into my depths.
Slowly pleasure your entire shaft.
Take the fuck, you really want.
Take from me, what your cock desires.
My pussy is wet and waiting.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The pleasure instantaneous,
As your hand connects with bare skin,
You cock, rock hard.
Deep inside the quivering walls of my pussy.
The smack of bare skin,
Throughout the walls of the room.
The redness you have created,
Glows in the candlelight.
The wetness flows freely,
Between animalistic moans of desire,
Running down the length,
Of the inside of my thigh.
The sound continues to echo,
The skin, red and stinging,
So tender to the touch,
Is ignited in fire,
As your hot cum,
Splashes like flames,
Onto the redness,
Pulling forth another wave,
Of my unquenchable lust for you.