Sunday, April 29, 2007

Your hands are tangled in my hair,
Gripping the back of my head,
As you press me further onto your cock.
My throat accommodates you.
My moans encourage you,
As you slowly begin to thrust.
Praising me for the pleasure I give you,
While using my mouth like a toy.
You pull your cock free,
Allowing me a short breath
The lust in my eyes begs you back.
Wanting the violation.
Enjoying being your toy.
Your cock sinks into the wetness again.
My throat constricts around the head.
My hair wrapped around your hand,
Provides you the control,
I freely give to you,
As you use my willing lips.
Violate my wet mouth.
Listening to the sounds of sex.
The slick wet sounds of the thrust.
The gagging moan that urges you on.
You take yourself to the edge of pleasure,
Allowing me but a small sample
Of the sweet taste of your lust.


David said...

Lord have mercy.....hottt....

Percy said...

That is amazing. The thought, the idea,
the REALITY of such an encounter.

t_g_and said...

Wonderful, as always! So intense, so detailed, just perfect!

Lestat said...

Intense is right. And definitely not safe for work ....

Doublebogie said...


I'm spechless

Doublebogie said...

I couldn't even spell.

(still speechless)

The Provocateur said...

wow, that was hot...

i'll be back for more...

Percy said...

I keep looking at this post..
that pic is awesome..

that woman is really taking it..
taking it ALL..
I get hard every time I come to your web page..