Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dirty words fill my ears
As my fingers fill my pussy.
You listen as I moan between ragged breaths.
You envision what you have seen.
You see my fingers,
Twisting circles about my clit.
You urge me on.
Beg me to fuck my pussy for you.
You want to hear me cum.
You know the naughty things that I am doing.
You hear the hum as it begins.
You know my favorite toys.
My breath becomes short.
My moans become long.
You recognize the sounds.
You know, I soon will be cumming.
Your words are so sweet.
You praise me,
As you hear me fall over the edge.

I know you are smiling,
When you hang up the phone.
Knowing the wetness you have just created.


Ryder said...

Words again that leave a vivid image.
Yes, I also, am smiling.

t_g_and said...

This is very sexy, my dear. I love it!

Percy said...

yeah, smiling here as well..

Lestat said...

Need to hear more of you dirty words...