Sunday, May 13, 2007

Your fingers are entwined with my hair.
My head is under your complete control.
Your cock is buried deep in my throat,
You slowly fuck my face.
A spasm of muscles,
Squeezes the head,
As I gag,
And you moan.
Taking pleasure from me,
From my hot and willing mouth.
Controlling your pleasure.
Bringing yourself closer and closer
To the edge.
Feeling the impending orgasm.
Riding the waves of your own lust.
Taking from me,
What I freely give.
Praising me with delicious words.
Rewarding me,
With the liquids of your lust.


Percy said...

"rewarding me with the liquids of your lust"

I love that metaphor. you are amazing with words..

Doublebogie said...

Delicious words indeed!

I think (I) was the one rewarded with that post!

Yup!,, still thirsty too.

The Savage said...

Sure link me... :D

Devilbluedress said...

Yes. Gagging...