Sunday, November 21, 2004

Feeling Helpless Against The Tide
I gaze into the waters of the deep and placid sea
An exotic mix of blending shades in hues of blue and green
Secrets held deep within, slowly lose grip of the oceans floor
As emotions manipulate the waters calm, the waves of feelings come surging forth
A glance across the surface, shows you ripples glistening in the sun
But if you know the depths you see, the pain of troubles that have come undone
Powerless...Are the feelings, as you struggle against the surge of swells
Unable to restore the calm, with words and kisses and wishes of well
So you smile to yourself knowing that you have done all that you can do
Providing temporary shelter, against the winds of torment whipping through
And for a few short and tender moments, all is placid once again
The sea is calm, colors again reflecting, the blues and greens of precious gems
You take happiness in knowing, a precious moment has been shared
Seeing what's beyond the surface, and doing so because you cared

Monday, November 08, 2004

So close you are to me
Yet you are still so far away
My hands begin to fiddle
As my mind it goes astray
You look so good tonight
I can't help but want to touch
But circumstances, they demand
I mask all feeling of want and such
I cannot gaze into your eyes
And I cannot feel your skin
So torturous it is at times
This life I live in sin
So I accidentally brush up against you
As I pass you in your chair
And with one quick glance into your eyes
I can feel the passion that we both share
A smile then spreads across my face
Knowing that when the time is right
I will have you in my arms again
Kissing your lips as your holding me tight