Sunday, April 22, 2007

Such a simple little nightie,
Cotton trimmed in lace.
I knew at once you liked it,
By the smile reflected on your face.
But such a distraction it becomes.
Unable to finish the task in hand.
Seeing my nipples pressed against the lace.
Imaging, making me cum at your command.
Need builds in your cock,
As I continue to tease,
And you watch me as I pleasure myself,
In practiced expertise.
The vision that of fantasy.
A good little girl doing naughty things.
You hold my legs wide and settle yourself in,
Begging me to show you, all my practiced scenes.
"Show me how you please it."
"Show me how you make it cum."
"Do all the dirty little things you do,
When in your mind, a slut you become."
And with your cock in your hand,
The vision before you, controlling your stroke.
You watch me as I pleasure myself.
Enjoying the orgasms my fingers provoke.
A moan escapes your lips,
When the heat of my lust is felt.
My fingers still dripping with my cum,
Wrap around your cock and melt.
Taking turns, I stroke your cock.
Your fingers dive into my pool of lust.
Your hips move forward into my hand.
Mine meet, your fingers thrust.
Always be such a good girl for you.
Always wanting more.
An insatiable little pussy.
Wanting to be, your little whore.
You urge me on with dirty words.
Telling me, to show you, the secret things that I do.
My favorite toy in hand, you lie between my legs,
And watch me, as I fantasize of you.
With you cock steadily fucking your hand,
You bring yourself to edge pleasure.
And watch as your good girl, doing naughty things,
Soaks your cock in her liquid treasure.


David said...

Yep....incredibly sexy, erotic.

t_g_and said...

Mmmm, so wonderful. Never fails to satisfy!

littlegem said...

I'm new here.. That was wonderfully to explore more...!

Brandy said...

littlegem- Welcome to my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy!

Doublebogie said...

You've done it again!

Now I'll never get to sleep..
What a wonderful visual!