Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The clips are fastened perfectly.
Each nipple stands erect.
Begging to be touched.
Connected by the silver chain,
Twinkling in the candlelight.
Running down the length of me,
Descending unto my clit.
Where the tightness of the clip,
Forces my swollen clit,
To stand proud and erect.
You sit behind me.
You place my head,
So tenderly on your open thigh.
You grasp you cock,
Gently in your hand.
It is hard.
Begging to cum.
You behold the scene you have created.
Your eyes gaze down upon my face,
Laying gently on your thigh.
My mouth moistens your cock,
As you say the sweetest words to me.
"Play with yourself, for me."
"Let me watch you cum."
My fingers immediately,
Begin to dance across my clit.
Held captive.
Aching to cum.
You stroke your cock,
As you watch me.
Feather light touches,
Send me out of control.
Your free hand toys with my nipple.
The first wave hits me,
As my fingers dig in.
A burst of cum escapes my hot hole.
A moan of delight leaves your lips,
As I gently place my wet hand on your shaft.
Sharing my cum with you.
Sliding it down the length of your cock.
Fueling my fires even further,
You whisper,
"Good girl."
"Make it cum some more, for me."
My wet fingers release your cock,
Travel slowly down my chest,
Dive deeply into my hole.
With your hand on your shaft,
You begin the purposeful strokes.
And with my fingers deep in my wet cunt,
You tug on the chain.
The explosion is intense.
Cum squirts from my pussy,
Wetting the sheets,
As hot spurts of cum,
Shoot wildly from your cock,
Across my face,
Onto my neck.
The second spurt lands like fire,
On my enflamed nipple,
As we moan together.
A heated, lustful moan.
Pleasuring ourselves,
For each other.


Ryder said...

Sometimes I don't think i will ever learn.

Yeah, it's morning again.

Percy said...

your writing leaves me speachless..

Doublebogie said...


Is it hot in here?

Tommy said...

Wow, that was incredible!

Anonymous said...


a familiar site from long long ago.

two decades long.

Lestat said...

Wow. I should not not not be reading this at work.

Very hot.

Devilbluedress said...

Laughing at the guys... *smiling*

littlegem said...

...you are clearly a very talented writer.
Such a way with words..