Thursday, April 26, 2007

The soft velvety feel of the petals,
Slowly stroking the length of my pussy,
Sends shivers through my veins.
Making my own petals moist.
A soft moan escapes my lips,
As you encircle my clit.
Leaning forward,
You taste of my juices,
Inhaling my scent,
Mixed with that of the rose.
Want pools in your groin.
You swell with need.
I feel the petals leaving my clit.
Traveling upwards.
Across my stomach.
The softness of the rose,
Followed by skin,
As you travel up my body.
Each nipple,
Traced with the petals,
Our lips meet with a soft moan,
As your cock slowly slides inside me.
And slowly.
Ever so slowly.
We make love,
As you trace my cheeks and mouth,
With the petals of the rose,
Between kisses of passion,
And love.


Devilbluedress said...

*Shocked and amused*
Damn beautiful picture!

SeaRabbit said...

Very nice and soft... not much contrast between your labias and the petals... Very nice shot! Happy HNT!

Ryder said...

Grace and Elegance, Sensual and Soft.
After this though, I however am not.
The image these words paint is truly divine.

Doublebogie said...

So nice!
So soft!

and very hard now

Lestat said...

Wonderful graphical prose (no pun intended). And where did you find that picture?

Percy said...

the answer is yes!