Friday, April 06, 2007

I want to be a bad girl for you.
I want you to make me do dirty things,
And fulfill all your naughtiest desires.
I want to grant your every deviant wish.
I want to do things with you,
My dirty little mind,
Has only dared to imagine.
I want to be a bad girl for you.


Doublebogie said...

One can only wonder how deviant that imagination can be,,

What a wonderful thought!

Good girl!

Percy said...

you know the song by chris issak..
'baby did a bad bad thing'?

Song applies to you I think...

Stealth said...

:-) thanks for the comment on my page..I like it over here.

Reminds me a little of a blue devil I know. :-) the art, I mean.

very sensual :)

Lestat said...

Oh yea, be a bad girl for me...

Tommy said...

This evoked many thoughts and ruminations.