Thursday, June 03, 2004

Young and dumb and full of cum. Ryan, such a soap opera type name. Seductive sounding as it flows over your lips...Ryan. Ooooh, Ryan.

Don't close you eyes....
As I lay naked on the bed, he explores my body with his eyes. His eyes come to a halt at my breast. He reaches for it with his large muscular hands. He pinches my slightly erect nipple ever so lightly. My body shudders at the contact of hot young flesh. Have me! Take me! Do dirty things to me!...I wanted to scream. Both hands cupping my breasts. My nipples turned to little bullets as his thumbs rubbed back and forth. Electric currents seemed to jolt through my body as he took the first swipe with his tongue. He was staring right at me, his long curly hair tickling me as he licked and sucked each nipple in turn. It was as if he was staring into my core. Watching for the surge to begin. He began to suck harder. Pinching the other nipple as he sucked. Teeth. A small bite and a tug. My body begging for release. He pinches harder as he begins to devour my other breast. I wiggle and squirm under the exotic sensations of teeth, tongue and fingers. A hand begins to travel. His eyes never releasing my gaze. I see his surprise when he reaches my already soaked pussy. His fingers immediately begin playing in the wetness. He caresses the entire length of my slit. With slick wet fingers he begins to knead my clit. I begin to whimper as the waves of pleasure start to build. Sucking, biting, kneading. His eyes never leave mine as they roll into the back of my head. I see the smile of satisfaction on his face as my eyes begin to focus once again.
He gently props my head up with the pillow as the waves of pleasure starts to subside.
"Watch me. Don't close your eyes." he whispered as he worked his way down my body. Licking and sucking each tender nipple once again. Kissing and biting all the way down my torso as I squeal with pleasure. A quick lick of my already sensitive clit. A bolt of lighting shoots through me as I moan in ecstasy. He begins to suck. Rubbing my clit against his teeth. His tongue is licking up and down my hot slit. Teasing with every stroke to penetrate my tight little hole. His whiskers tickling and scratching. Once again mingling those fine lines of pleasure and pain. Always watching me. Forever staring. Those eyes watching me writhe and moan as the waves come crashing in again. Once again the smile of satisfaction blur's as I lay in ecstasy.
His staring eyes become clear once more. I see his anticipation build as he starts to caress again. My limp body jumps at the first touch of his hand. He smiles as he traces my slick pussy with his finger. He caresses my tender clit so lightly as his finger starts to press inward on my slit. He slides it in slowly, watching as I shudder in the sheer pleasure of penetration. In and out. He moves his finger so slowly. A second finger slides in. The pressure increases on the tender rubbing of my clit. His fingers begin moving in rhythm. He eyes never leaving mine. The waves begin to crest. One hand moving his fingers in and out, in and out. The other rubbing hot little circles around my clit. The muscles on his arms flexing in tune to the rhythm. My body tenses. My pussy squeezes tightly to those probing fingers as he presses deeper and deeper. The waves of ecstasy crash around me once again. I lay limp, and exhausted on the bed as he slides the covers up around me. Off I drift to dreamland.

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