Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kidnapped. I struggle against him. He is too strong. Taken. He pulls off the road into a motel parking lot. He has the key in his hand. He had planned this. Dragged into the room. Door shuts and locks. My clothes are roughly torn off my body . We struggle again as he takes me over to the double bed and throws me down onto it. He quickly reaches below the bed and retrieves four, long, red scarves. He wraps the first around my wrist, lowering my hand to the bed he ties the other end to the bed leg. The more I pull the tighter it gets. He wraps the other wrist. Both hands bound, I kick my legs on the bed. It is no use, he is so strong. He holds my foot down as he ties the scarf in place, first one than the other. Naked and spread, I lay on the bed, his for the taking. I know he is angry. I know I have pushed him too far. Called him way too much. Flirted one to many times. He is only a man, and men need more than just words. It was time to pay up. No words this time, just flesh.
I was a little frightened. I knew he would never hurt me, but I had never seen such a raging need in his eyes before. I knew that tonight he would take what he wanted, do every dirty thing to me the words had only described. The lines that had once been drawn, now just a blur to him as he gazed upon my naked flesh. The need in his eyes, glowing with lust. He came to the head of the bed and sat down. Taking my face into his hands he kissed my mouth. Soft and tender at first, but quickly erupting. Sucking my bottom lip into his mouth, tenderly and then more savagely, biting it. Tongue in my mouth, teeth touching lightly as we devour each other with urgency. I stretch my neck upward as he pulls away. Still no words as he lowers his head to my hand an slowly sucks my fingers into his mouth. My body tingles. He sucks each finger before kissing his way over my hand and slowly up my arm. Stopping to nibble and bite between kisses. My body feels electified. He stops at my shoulder and nibbles on my neck. I can feel the heat from his hot breath against my skin. He whispers in my ear. "No more words." My body shudders as he works his way down my other arm. As he starts to suck my fingers again, I imagine his cock in my mouth. He releases my fingers and assaults my mouth once more. I feel as if I am floating somewhere between a dream and reality as I feel the first forbidden touch of skin when he straddles himself on top of me. He is looking right into my eyes. The need still there, blazing with desire. He reaches forward and lightly pinches my nipples. He rolls them around between his thumb and finger. The are hard like little pink bullets. He leans down and takes the first taste. He gently licks at it, flicking it back and forth with his tongue. I writhe on the bed under him. He seems not to even notice my useless struggle as my nipple disappears into his mouth. He begins to suck. Oh God, it feels so good. He has my other nipple grasped firmly with his fingers as he gently pulls and tugs on it. He sucks harder. Devouring my nipple. Biting. Sucking. Biting. Oh, God! My body starts to tense as he continues to suck even harder. I feel it building. I push upward on my hips, grinding my pussy against him as he sucks. He feels the wetness, as I cum. He pulls away in amazement. My nipples are so tender. I continue to squirm on the bed as the breeze from the ceiling fan burns them. I see him watching me as I recover from the orgasm. I had told him, if done right, I could cum just by having my nipples sucked. Maybe now he will believe me. He moves to the end of the bed. He nestles himself down between my thighs. I stretch my neck to see as he gently opens my folds. My clit is rock hard and I am drenched. He traces the entire inside of my cunt before inserting the first finger. I gasp with delight as he pushes it in. He begins to rub my swollen clit with his thumb as he slides his finger in and out. I moan as he increases the speed. Two fingers now. In and out. In and out. Harder, faster. Rubbing furiously on my clit. The pressure starts to build. I can hear my heatbeat echoing in my ears as my pussy walls squeeze tightly around his finger. He does not stop. Thrusting in and out. I feel the release as I scream his name in ecstasy. Hot cum, gushing from my pussy, showers his face. Immediately he pushes his face into my cunt, sucking like an infant on my clit. The sensations blow my mind, as I explode once again, into his mouth. He licks my pussy clean as I quiver and shake under his masterful tongue. Knowing they are no longer necessary, he reaches below the bed and unties the scarves. He climbs on top of me and I wrap my arms and legs him, thrusting my hips upward in urgent need. Our mouths meet, again we devour each other. With tongues entangled, I moan into his mouth as his cock begins to slowly penetrate my hole. I thrust upward, needing all of him. He plunges downward, taking all of me. His cock feels so good inside me. Words could never again be enough, I think to myself as he starts to furiously pump. He pulls my legs up over his shoulders as he impales me even deeper with every stroke. I feel the waves of pleasure radiate through my body as I cum once again. He plunges deep, holding his cock deep inside as my pussy contacts around it. Feeling every aftershock with me, he pushes deeper. Wave after glorious wave crashes through my body as I feel his cock begins to throb. I know he is going to cum. I want it so badly. I want to feel it gushing and hot inside me. I want him so badly to fill me. I know he cannot hold back any longer...

Beep...Beep...Beep...The alarm clock goes off at 5:00 am, exactly when I had set it for. Damn, damn, damn, I knew I should have set it for 5:15!!

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