Sunday, June 27, 2004

The Rain Child

She sat nervously by the fire on the river bank as the peace pipe was passed again. A thousand thoughts flooded her head. She knew the Chief wanted her in his tee-pee tonight. She had waited so long for this night. The other squaw's her age had already had their time with the Chief. Why had she been left until last? Did he not find her appealing? Would he be disappointed? The peace pipe is handed to her once more. As she watches the smoke rise, she feels his eyes on her. What could he be thinking? The other squaw's had not shared with her what to expect in the tee-pee, but she had heard. She had snuck behind the tee-pee more than once and listened. She had heard the moans. The peace pipe again, a cup of fire water. She was starting to feel that free floating feeling she loved so much. The fire was intoxicating to watch. The colors blending as the smoke rose up towards the heavens. She felt his strong hand as it rested on her shoulder. "Come with me, my love." he whispered in her ear.

Inside the tee-pee, the pallet had been made on the floor. The Chief had only the finest of bear skin and other fur rugs. The pallet looked so inviting. The incense swirled in the air, as the flicker of fire from the candles caused the shadows to dance about. She felt the heat and moisture start. The feelings were coming again. When she had first snuck behind the tee-pee that one night, she had heard the squaw moaning. It was not a painful moan. It was that of a moan of pleasure. It had cause her such strong, hot feelings. She had went back to her own tee-pee that night and had began to explore these new and wonderful feelings. She had loved it so much. She went again the very next night behind the Chief's tee-pee. It was as addicting of a feeling as the one's that the glorious smoke from peace pipe made her feel. She wanted so badly to know that moaning pleasure the other squaws had known. Tonight she belonged to the Chief. Tonight she knew she too would moan.

He motioned for her to sit on the pallet of furs. It felt so soft against her skin. The heat and moisture increased. He again lit the peace pipe and offered it to her. She obeyed and inhaled deeply, the wonderful smoke. She felt her body relax as her head began to swim. He was staring right into her eyes as he gently lifted the dear-skin dress over her head. His lips met hers in a soft kiss. He slowly layed her back onto the furs. Naked, hot and moist, she lay there in front of him as he appraised her body. She saw his smile. Yes, tonight she would know the moaning. His hands began to touch her, ever so gently at first. Not missing an inch of skin, he touched her entire body before he reached her moist, hot center. As his fingers grazed her outer folds, she felt as if one of the firey currents from the evil summer storms had shot through her body. Every nerve was alive and tingling. Again he smiled. He pulled a feather from the full headdress, and ran it from the moisture, up her middle and encircled each nipple. She shivered from the exotic sensations. A throbbing, wanting, driving force had taken over her as the moisture turned to dripping wetness. He trailed the feather back down her body. His strong hands gripped her legs as he spread them. He was staring right at the wetness. Again, he smiled. Turning the feather over, using the pointed quill, he touched her lightly on her magic button. Hot bolts of pleasure shot from the button to her entire body. She let out her first moan. Her body began to quiver. Oh, God, the moan was wonderful. He lay the feather aside and with his big, strong hands he slowly spread her folds. He ran his finger slowly up and down the length of her slit. The wetness increased as did the pressure with every up and down pass. She had done this many times to herself after listening to the squaw's moan, but never did it make her feel like this. Her hips pushed upward instinctively, towards his finger. Wanting so badly to feel it inside her. She was literally aching inside. She had to have penetration. And as quickly as the rubbing started...It stopped. She thought she would explode. The Chief reached around behind him and retrieved a rabbit skin blanket as white as the snow she had heard about in the northern establishments. He folded it into the shape of a large pillow, and gently lifting her ass, he placed he onto the pillow, spread-legged and wanting. He lay down between her legs just looking at first. Her precious, pink lips looked so inviting nestled in that soft white fur. He could wait no longer. He began to feast. Just tasting at first. Tasting the sweetness of young, virgin cunt. Licking the outer folds as she writhed in the fur. Slowly working his way inward towards the sticky wetness. She tasted so sweet. He could see it in her eyes. She had a natural wanting. A lustful, needing, deep down inside her, screaming to get out. Tonight he was going to unleash that lust. "Always, save the best for last." he mumbled to himself as he took the first swipe of her precious little clit. She moaned with such lust in her voice, it caused him to immediately become hard. He spread her legs further and began to suck her clit in pass his teeth as he probed her with his tongue. Her juices began to flow down his chin and gather in the soft white fur. The wet fur clung to her ass as he dove even deeper, causing an explosion inside her like none she had ever felt. She bucked her hips upward towards his mouth as he grasped her ass, burying his face further into her gushing cunt. A stream of hot, sweet, juices went gushing down his throat as he greedily swallowed every drop. Yes, he had just known. She was the one. The one he had been looking for all his life. He had heard the elders talk of the squaws that could rain pleasure into your mouth. But year after year, every new crop of squaw. He had never had one. He had seen her. He had heard her outside his tee-pee. He knew if ever there was one, she would surely be it. As the spasms of her orgasm began to subside her body became limp on the pillow. He sat back a moment, stroking his cock, just gazing upon the treasure he had found. He must have her now. Ah yes, she was his. Still lying on the fur pillow, spread legged, he mounted her. She tensed and moaned as he placed his thick member on her tight slit. Slowly and carefully, he increased the pressure. She moaned in ecstasy when he first penetrated the surface, slowly working the head in. She pushed upward accepting him. She let out a whimper as he pushed in to the base. Lying still, looking into her eyes, he allowed her to stretch and accept him. She once again pushed upwards signaling him, the time had come. He began to thrust. So tight. So hot. So wet. She moaned loudly as he increased the momentum. Harder and faster he pumped his cock into her. Her muscles began to contract again. His cock was being squeezed so tightly he could no longer hold back. As his seed pumped into her, she let out the most lustful moan he had ever heard, as a river of wetness flowed from her center. He had found her. A treasure. His treasure. A rain child.

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