Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Coach's last chance

5:30pm "OK ladies, all the bags go in the back. It's going to be a long ride and you don't want to get yourself to cramped up. There are overhead compartments on this bus for your pillows and blankets. Radios and purses are ok but the rest needs to go to the back. You girls are gonna need your rest. It's going to be a tough competition, but I know we have what it takes to win!" Coach Hugh told his girls as they boarded the bus. He had the best High School Cheerleaders around and he knew it. Everyone of them were beautiful. Hot, young and sexy. Most of them already 18 as the end of senior year was approaching. God, had their bodies really filled out over the past couple years. No you couldn't buy tits like these, they were the real thing. Damn was he going to miss a few of these girls. He knew a few of them had crushes on him and he liked it. Hugh was only 30 himself. When he first applied for a coaching job at The Holy Cross Catholic School, it was for football. He was offered the cheerleading thing instead. At first he was bitter about it, but soon he realized he had been given the best job know to man. He got to regularly spend time with hot, young women in skimpy little get ups, shaking what the Good Lord had blessed them with. And those hot little plaid skirts. Oh, my God!

11:30pm. Most of the girls had drifted of to sleep. Hugh always sat in the back of the bus, as it provided him with the best view. Monica and Shelly were sitting in the two seats next to him. He knew that they both wanted him. They were always looking for excuses to stay after practice like helping him put the stuff away, or offering to help clean off his desk. They were both 18 and hot as hell. God how he had fantasized of cleaning his desk off with their naked bodies. This was going to be there last competition and Hugh's last chance.
"Do you ladies have enough room over there?" he asked them.
"Yeah. Thanks Coach." in stereo. It turned him on so much, he loved the way they said "Coach."
"We should be at the hotel in about 30 minutes" he told them. He knew what they were thinking. He could think of nothing else. A month ago when Monica turned 18, they had left a little note in his desk drawer telling him that now that they were both of legal age, he was free game. The two of them had wanted him since Freshman year. They had told him that this was his finale offer. He could have the two of them together this weekend. Neither was willing to consent to the other having him first so it had to be the two of them at the same time. Like I said, poor Hugh could think of nothing else!

12;45am No one unpacked. They all just headed straight to their rooms to go to sleep. Hugh sat on the double bed with the tacky blue flowers all over it thinking how good the bed would look once he had Monica and Shelly naked on it. Well of course he had taken them up on their offer, what red blooded American man wouldn't have?
He heard the key slip into the door. They had worn the school uniforms, as he had requested. He figured they couldn't be the only one with demands, and he saw enough of their cheerleader uniforms at practice every day. What Hugh liked was the little plaid skirts. God did their asses look good in them. He knew just how wild those "good Catholic girls" could be too. He could tell by the glazed look in their eyes they had already smoked a bit. Yeah, he knew they all did it. He never let on, but he knew it. He did it himself. He always wondered if they knew.
"Come on in, ladies." he said with a smile. They were on him in a minute. "Now slow down ladies, we have all night." he scolded them. "You two are not in tomorrows routine for a reason, I didn't want to rush. Ladies, I have been waiting 4 years for this."
"I can't believe you had us wear these stupid school uniforms!" Monica said.
"Honey, you have no idea how sexy you girls look in those things do you?"
"Coach, there ugly!" Shelly said.
"Baby girl, nothing is ugly on you." he said, loving the smile it evoked.
"And watching the two of you take them off each other is all I have been able to think about for the past 12 hours!"
This was all the encouragement the girls needed. They immediately reached for each others shirts. "No, no, not yet!" he said. "I want them on for a while at least. Now come on over here. That's good. I want you both on the bed." he told them as he pulled the small desk chair to the end of the bed and took a seat. "Aren't you getting in the bed Coach?" Monica asked. "Wouldn't miss it for the world sweetie, but I like to watch as much as I like to participate. If you girls want me both at the same time, I'm going to need a little encouragement first. Have you two ever been with each other before?" he asked already knowing the answer. He had heard the rumors already. Nothing stays quiet too long at a small Catholic school like this. "Well, there was this one party." Shelly confessed. "Really?" he tried to sound surprised. "Did you like it?"
"Oh hell yeah!" Monica said as Shelly shot her an evil look. "What? Like he's gonna care if we are Bi? What's he gonna do? Tell our parents!?" Monica shot back at her. Hugh could only smile. God this was too good to be true. "Now, now girls. Settle down. I find it an incredible turn on. Trust me, when it comes to watching, there's nothing better than watching two women go at it!" Monica was the first to move. She cuddled up a little closer to Shelly and started to nibble on her neck. Shelly's glazed eyes began to roll in the back of her head as Monica worked her magic right behind Shelly's earlobe. I must remember that spot, thought Hugh as he watched Shelly. Her initial caution was thrown right out the window, so to say, as she started to unbutton Monica's shirt. Monica in turn started to unbutton Shelly's as the two locked lips in a savage kiss. Oh yeah, these girls had definitely done this before. Hugh unzipped his jeans as they were starting to get a little tight in the crotch area. The girls seem to have forgotten he was even there. The kiss continued as the shirts slowly slipped off. How cute, he thought, they have on matching bras. Nothing fancy, just white cotton with the right amount of lace, outlining each perfect mound. God, these girls were hot! The kiss had tapered off as he watched each of them fondle the others breasts. Hugh had his cock in his hand by now. He was as hard as a rock. Monica again was the first to make a real move. Hugh watched as she unclasped the front hooking bra with her teeth and began to devour Shelly's nipples. Perfect little bullets, in the finest shade of pink. She began to moan as Monica sucked one and pinched the other. Hugh reached over between the two and unhooked Monica's bra as well. The girls almost seemed startled. Maybe they really had forgotten he was there. No matter. He held Monica's nipple firmly between his teeth as he reached over and helped her play with Shelly's. Both girls moaned, almost in stereo. "Oooooh Coach." Hugh could take no more. He had to get up those little plaid skirts, NOW! He slowly pushed each girls back on the bed. Two beautiful, 18 year old hotties, lying side by side in his bed, with only their plaid skirts on. Oh yeah, Hugh was in heaven. As the girls started kissing and touching each other again, he just sat back and kind of took it all in. Monica lifted her knees a bit to reveal that she was not wearing any panties. Shelly revealed, that like the bra's, they were again wearing a matching set. Hugh RSVP'ed the invitation immediately, and her legs sprung open at the first graze of his hand on her thigh. And as quickly as dominoes follow each other, Shelly's legs fell open as soon as she realized Monica might get his "first" real touch. The last thing poor Hugh wanted to do was rock the boat, so he used his other hand to work his way up Shelly's thigh. Holy shit, that must have been some kiss, both of these girls were soaking wet. His hand only hesitated for a second as passing thoughts of morality skated through his brain. Both girls moaned again as he found and slightly grazed each clit with his rough fingers. Their hips thrust forward in unison as he slid the first finger into each waiting, dripping, cunt. "Oooooh Coach." they whimpered, as he began to move his fingers in and out at the same pace with each hand. "There you go girls, both at the same time, just as you requested." Damn, were those some tight little holes. Definitely not virgins, but tight as hell, after all they were only 18! As he picked up the pace on each girl, they in turn kept up the pace, thrusting their hips upward onto his fingers, faster and harder with each thrust. "More!" Monica practically screamed, as he inserted a second digit into each girl. Shelly could no longer speak, as the first orgasmic wave of pleasure radiated through her body. Hugh pulled the two cum drenched fingers from Shelly's hole and offered them to Monica for a lick. She didn't lick them though, she took both fingers into he mouth and sucked like a starving infant. "You like the way she tastes, I see." Hugh wasn't sure if it was the taste of Shelly's cum or his words, that lit the fire under her, butt the next thing he knew, Monica was kneeling on the floor with Shelly at the end of the bed, spread-legged, her face buried in Shelly cunt almost instantly. Hugh did the only thing he saw fit at that moment. He lay on the floor, between Monica's legs and gripped he ass through that glorious, plaid skirt and lowered her dripping cunt onto his face. She let out a muffled squeal as he sucked her clit into his mouth and began to rub it against his teeth. She must have in turn done the same to Shelly as he heard her squeal in delight only seconds later. Monica began to grind herself onto his chin as she inserted a finger into Shelly. His view was not the best from this angle but he knew by the motions she was finger fucking Shelly's pussy with a vengeance as she lapped at her clit. Hugh probed as deep as he could with his tongue right before she exploded. His face was dripping with her juices. Again the girls shifted. Monica worked he way down his body, on all fours and stopped directly over his erect cock. Shelly slid down off the bed and onto his waiting, cum covered, mouth. Now it was his turn to utter the muffled moan as Monica took the length of him into her mouth. She began to suck. Slowly at first, heavenly almost. He soon had a hard time concentrating on poor Shelly's cunt as she picked up the pace and the suction, to a fevered pitch. When he thought he could take no more, Shelly began to cum in his mouth. No wonder Monica sucked his fingers dry, she tasted like honey. Sweet and young and cumming on his face, while, her girlfriend, was sucking the hell out of his dick. As soon as she regained her composure after her orgasm had subsided, she got off the bed and straddled his chest facing Monica. The two began to kiss again, this time with their tongues intertwining around his massive cock. Then Shelly grabbed it by the base and held it steady while Monica slowly slid down the length of it. Oh, God was it a tight fit. Shelly helped her to fit it all in by grasping her around the waist and pushing her further down onto him. She let out a gasp of air when she hit the base. Monica sat still to let her tight little pussy get used to this massive dick. Shelly began sucking once again on her tits. As Shelly sucked, Monica began to rock her hips, grinding herself onto him. When her poor little tight pussy finally had stretched enough to accept the assault, his began to thrust his hips upward. "Oh, God!!" she screamed as Shelly worked her way behind her to play with her ass. He was so turned on by this, he began to piston pump his cock into Monica at an animal pace. Her head was thrown back, eyes rolling into the back of her head as the walls of her pussy, clenched tightly onto his cock. It throbbed, over and over as his vision blurred. "Ooooooooh, Coach" she moaned as his hot cum pumped deep inside her. She collapsed forward onto his chest. Her eyes looking into his. He had no choice. He had to kiss her. He had to kiss those hot young lips. Hugh knew he needed a brake before he could fuck Shelly. He told the girls to amuse themselves with each other for a few minutes while he readied himself for round two. He had had them both twice before the night was over.

7:30pm Thank God his team knew their stuff without much acual coaching on his part, because he had all he could do to keep his eyes open at the trophy ceremonies. Yeah, his team had won. But the gaudy looking trophy was nothing to the prize he had gotten that weekend. No baby, nothing much could compare to that.

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