Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just a kiss.

Our lips meet.
So tender are the first greetings of our tongues.
Savoring the very flavor of you.
Licking gently into your mouth.
I explore you.
Taste your passions.
Consume your lust.
Your lips.
So full, so sweet.
I gently pull them into my mouth.
Savoring their flavor.
Sucking from them, my nourishment.
I taste the desire.
As the very favor of you,
Becomes the desire.
Our mouths feed on one another.
Savoring the flavor.
Our tongues dance to an unheard song.
A soft moan, a moan of simple want
Escapes our lips
As the kiss deepens.
The heat of breath.
The liquid lust of the desire.
We are intoxicated by the flavor.
Our bodies, feel the need.
The need
To have more.
The need
To become one.
All from just a kiss.


adam said...

Love that "liquid lust"--never drop using that. It's a signiture phrase, for sure.

All which leads, from that "kiss," can be imagined..

really nice poem.

Thanks for the Fun HNT visit. It was good to see you again--(or, for you to see it were!!)lol!


Polyman2 said...

...and I thought
it was just a smooch.
Very descriptive.