Saturday, July 22, 2006

This poem is dedicated to all of my new found friends in the blogger world.

Your words feed my passion.
Your words feed my mind.

Welcome to our escape

Reality is the place we live in.
Fantasy, a place we choose to reside.
Unending bliss, encounters with sex.
On virtual pages we confide.
We share this world with others.
We fall in love with the dreams.
Explicit words sewn together,
Painting the erotic scenes.
Thriving is the duel passion,
Of words and blissful lust.
Thriving is the world of fantasy,
When reality is too unjust.


Brandy said...

Thank you for sharing your fantsies with me.

gia said...

You've said it all right there, and so perfectly! Thank you for sharing your fantasies with us as well. :)

Spirit said...

And a very heartfelt thank to you Brandy ...I am so happy we discovered you ..

adam said...

Write on, Brandy..Love your poetry, and shall drop in, each day.

I'm glad I found your "Whinery."


PS: It really is like a fine Wine!

O said...

Fabulous, I love it. great stuff here; I'm looking forward to reading more!

Ryder said...

Eloquent words.
Welcome to our escape..

Thank you for sharing.
Your words also feed passion.