Sunday, July 30, 2006

When we make love...

Lips meet.
Flavored is the kiss.
Flesh begins to sing,
At the very first touch.
Hands roam.
Passion felt in fingertips.
Moisture gathers with the lust.
Hard is your want.
Insatiable is the desire.
In one fluid motion,
We become one.
We ride the waves together.
Our bodies flowing into one another.
Swell after swell of desire crashes over us.
Our mouths drink in the lust.
Our bodies melt together as one.
Saturated in the fire.
Clinging tightly to one another.
Feeling the heat as one,
Until the last embers
Have ceased their glow.


Spirit said...

Lovely isn't it ...when two can share the lust and the love all at once ...

Polyman2 said...

you make me feel
like dancing.