Friday, February 22, 2008

Nipples hard and overly sensitive,
The frigid air making them tight, hard.
The nerves screaming just below the surface,
Begging to be touched.
Begging to be pinched, pulled, bitten.
The warmth and strength of your body,
Radiates into me as you envelope me.
Your arms completely surround me.
You gently take a breast in each hand.
Your thumbs graze my flourishing buds,
Causing my body to shudder and push into yours,
Feeling your cock nestle gently between my cheeks.
Strong fingers grip tightly, taking possession.
The waves begin as small ripples.
Slowly as you twist and pull,
Begging my pleasure forth.
Until I am writhing in your arms.

1 comment:

Percy said...

nice... hard nipples...