Sunday, February 18, 2007

The nasty little fantasy
Of being a slave to your love
Finally coming true.
The naughtiness of it.
The taboo.
Being bound to the bed,
Open to you.
Feeling like a slut.
Loving every minute of it.
Listening to you,
As you moan your approval.
Using my pussy for your pleasure.
I am your slave.
I give to you.
My wet cunt,
Offered up like a whores.
Tied to the bed.
Gushing with desire.
As you talk dirty to me.
Demanding I give you more.
Telling me what a good girl I am,
For soaking your face.
Your nasty little words,
Fueling my fires.
Causing an inferno to erupt.
Feeling your balls,
Splashing my own wetness,
Into the crack of my ass,
As you pound your cock into me.
So hard, so swollen,
Leaking with your desire.
Your cock wants my pussy,
As badly as my pussy needs your cock.
A soft scream escapes your lips,
As you squirt your hot cum,
All over my body,
Bound to the bed,
Open to you,
I am a slave to your love.


Horn Dog said...

Almost got it right baby. You’ll have to earn the cock in your pussy. The rest, oh hell yea, I would love a nice little cum slut like that for my pleasure. Just begging to feel my cock in her pussy! Mmmmmmmmm

Lestat said...

Naughty and nice. Makes me want to tie you up.