Saturday, January 13, 2007

Giving myself to you, I lie cradled in your arms.
The flavor of your kisses smothering my lips.
Your hands kneading the softness of my breasts.
My nipples pinched and twisted between your fingers,
Between your kisses,
As I lie cradled in your arms.

Your body is tightly pressed against mine.
The softness of the little pink panties I have worn,
Caressing your fingertips as you explore me.
Feeling the wetness seeping through the sheer satin.
Your lips kissing my neck, nibbling at my desires,
As I lie cradled in your arms.

The warmth of impending orgasm begins pooling in my spine.
Your fingertips are stroking the hardness of my clit.
Flicking it as I squirm against you.
Your kisses trail up my neck, biting me.
Increasing my need, you toy your fingers between my wet folds,
As you breath a scolding hot breath into my ear,
For wetting my little pink panties, with my lust for you.
Pressing harder on my clit, you push me over the edge.
The waves of orgasm pass through me.
My body convulses with the waves.
Your lips envelope my every moan.
Your hand, tucked neatly below the pink satin triangle of my panties,
Is drenched in the liquid lusts of my desire for you,
As I lie cradled in your arms.

Slowly the waves of orgasm turn to the glorious ripples of pure bliss.
Your kisses of lust, to the sweet tenderness of love.
Holding me tightly you allow me just a moment of slow bliss,
Before you strum me lightly back into the realm of euphoria.
Whispering dirty things in my ear between kisses of lust.
Playing with my little pink panties,
As you make me cum over and over again,
As I lie cradled in your arms


Anonymous said...

Perfect! Erotic intimacy without intercourse can be so damn hot!

Nicely done!

You made my cock stir a bit! Mmmmmm, thank you!

Ryder said...

Wild one has it right. Damn hot.

Lestat said...

Very nice. Your writing just gets better.