Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You are such a feast for the eyes.
How is it that, you do not see?
Your eyes themselves twinkle in the sunlight,
In all the shades of the clear blue sea.
Those lips of yours, they are divine
I love their shape, their shade, their taste.
A mix of the lightest shades of crimson,
With the taste, and sweetness of sheer desire.
I love the incredible curve of your neck,
That sexy little spot where it meets your strong shoulders.
The taste of you there,
A flavor that fuels my deepest desires.
As I bite down, savoring the flavors, of passion on fire.
Your chest is exquisite, so strong and so hard.
Framed perfectly between two sculpted arms.
Muscles flowing so fluidly, every shape so define.
Your stomach. Nothing short of beautiful.
So sweet to taste, so responsive to my touch.
Need flows through my body,
As I run my fingers down your legs.
So strong, so powerful, so positively defined.
A strength I love, a power I feel with every thrust
When our bodies make love to one another.
From head to toe, inside and out.
A feast you are, for my every sense.
So a glutton I become, when given the chance.
Devouring, without regard to manners
For so often I am limited,
To surviving on mere samples.

1 comment:

Skip said...

Today was my birthday, what a way for it to start !
Drinking a lot of Brandy, share some lust, and make our senses whine.