Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Your body is cuddled up close to mine as I wake to the first rays of sunshine penetrating the room. You look so sweet lying there with your eyes closed, all worries forgotten for the few precious hours your mind takes to rest in sleep. I cannot help but touch you. The feel of your skin under my touch, exquisite. I start to lightly caress your body. Slowly running my fingers down the back of your neck. Lightly kissing you, just behind the ear. Whispering I love you, as you peacefully sleep. I snuggle you closer and lie my head on your chest as you start to stir. Your sleepy eyes begin to focus as they meet mine...so beautiful and full of life they become when you stretch your mouth into it's first smile of the day as you realize I am slowly making my way down your body. So sensitive you are in the morning. I lightly caress you stomach. Down lower my other hand it relishing in the feel of your inner thighs. Your body shudders under my touch. I feel your most sensitive parts, my tongue grazes lightly across that sweet little crevice where your legs meet your body. I lightly lick your balls as you squirm in delight. Up the shaft my tongue trails only seconds before I take you in my mouth. So sweet the taste of you. The sweet drops of honey I taste as you become mine, fuel me with desire. I must have you. I move up your body. Kissing your every inch until I have your lips in my mouth. Slowly I push downward as I take you inside me. Muscles squeeze, bodies quivering as I slowly move my way up and down. Having you. Together our bodies build for the release. There is heat, sweat, delicious moans. I feel you swell inside me as our bodies become tense. Let go. Release. We feel the moment together. Two bodies molded tightly in lust and love. Kissing...always kissing, until the last, of all shivers, have subsided. Oh, how I would give anything to start my day like this.

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