Sunday, August 13, 2006

I was lying on the bed clothed in black feathers and velvet.
The candlelight flickering across the room illuminated my skin.
My fingers were tracing wet circles around my glistening folds.
My back was arched, my legs spread open, inviting the sin.

I knew that you were coming, I heard you at the door.
I wanted you to see the pleasure, to watch this private dance.
I felt your eyes upon me, staring at the scene in awe.
Knowing your were watching, my eyes rolled back in trance.

I was lost in lurid thought as you watched my desire build.
The tempo increased on the dance fingers did across my clit.
White hot, liquid, lust, seeped from my core, dripping onto the sheets,
As soft moans whispered their escape through slightly parted lips.

You watched as my body tightened, bracing itself for the mighty release
All movement seized and the air was silent for an exotic moment in time.
A moan broke the silence, announcing the crashing of the mighty waves.
And knowing that you were watching, pushed me onward, into the sublime.


Lestat said...

Very nice. I can picture it. Lucky man to walk into that greeting!

adam said...

Better & better. Yes, we can see, the setting, mood, and room..peeking 'round the corner..

There. The pleasuring, wet,, and revealed, for her lover's eyes.

You've captured it..brilliant.

~ ~ my dreams shall be sweeter, tonight ~ ~


Sir Dirty Joke said...

Your style is great!