Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This room emits your scent.

The pillows aroma, that of you.

The scent of you is everywhere.

The bedclothes are perfumed in you.

The towel still damp, heaped on the floor.
The scent of your skin, showered and clean.

The sheets still bathed in the fragrance of desire
Leaving my mind reliving the erotic scene.

Our bodies entwined, wet with lust
We rode each wave as one.

The scent of it still lingers in the air,
Warmed by the light of the morning sun.

So alone I lay here, not wanting to wake,
Intoxicated by the romantic incense of air.

For this room emits the scents of you,
The fragrance of you is everywhere.


adam said...

Your words transfix, and settle upon the ear, so sweetly; images, are conjured, within each line.

The movement, from one poem to, onto the next, becomes a pairing.

We live, with you, between the hours of 2am & daylight...



gia said...

This is one of my favorite and most cherished of moments - early in the morning or late at night, any time of the day.. when you can breathe them in, when they're all around you. I love this!