Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beneath the August Moon

Every cloud was lined in a silvery dust
The sky was illuminated in a heavenly glow
The ripples on the water shimmered in the moonlight
For a few short hours all the world was aglow

My cheeks were damp with happiness
My heart was so full, content in love.
And an angel held me safely, wrapped in his arms,
As we bathed in the moonlight that shown from above.


gia said...

Absolutely beautiful, Brandy.. almost magical. :)

Brandy said...

Thank you for all the nice things you say Gia.

adam said...

Your poetry touches me so deeply, brandy. I'm sorry, I haven't responded to comments lately. We've had a death in the family. The news came to me, yesterday afternoon...

I wanted to respond to this poem yesterday, but my mind was taken up with another "angel," who will always be close to me.

Thank you, for visiting my blog, and you continuing ability to touch my heart.