Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Rhythm of Lust

They dance above you, just inches from your lips.

Two perfect nipples just begging to be touched.

Rosy, pink and standing erect,

They sway before your eyes.

The vision of them blurred at the touch of moist fire

As your cock becomes enveloped in the wetness.

Slowly I start to thrust myself onto you.

Dancing myself into your hips.

The rosy buds keep the beat of lust driven sex,

Grazing your lips as they sway in tune before you.

The dance goes on.

My hips grinding into yours, as the silent music blares

Your teeth suddenly catch one of the buds.

You feel your cock slide into rhythm.

You slowly build the tempo with the instrument in your mouth.

Nibbling it, sucking it, biting it, my moans reflecting the silent tune

My muscles tighten as we waltz into the lust

A mighty wave crashes over us at the final crescendo

Soaking us in rhythm as the music flows over your balls.


Sir Dirty Joke said...

Once again...awesome!

PenetratingYou said...

What he said, awesome. I like your blog, so will my girlfriend.

Lestat said...

Wow. Brandy your writing is so tactile. I can feel your nipples as I read it. Very nice.

Brandy said...

Thank you so much gentlemen...

Sir- I like a man that will go "once again"

Penetratingyou- Love your name...can't wait to finish this comment so I can come explore your world.

Lesat- But, would you bite them?

DevilBlueDress said...

Brandy- you are such a flirt!
And a good writer.
I bet that more than one would choose to bite. But never ask a Vampire about that...

kindabiz said...

cool cool words all together !

adam said...

Hello, Brandy: Sorry I haven't been here, in a bit.

I'm taking a little leave of the blog ("after Paradise")---Things need to be taken care of..I'm not doing to well..but, I'll return.

Your words, I'll drop in and read, as usual..your "dance," here is quite a coincidental thing, it turns out: I've left my blog, with another "dance,". Come say farewell, for now..and keep me in your thoughts & prayers, hun. I need them tonight.

Best wishes, always,

HUGS, adam.