Monday, August 14, 2006

I feel you shiver in the morning mist
You skin glows in the early morning light
As the sun burst through the clouds in orange glow
My mouth tasting you, savoring your every flavor
Every sensation as glorious as the sunrise around us.
You begin to feel it deep within you
Glowing as brightly as the rising August sun
It explodes into vivid colors, saturating your vision
As I swallow amidst the climax of the morning
And like the rays of light overtaking the sky
Your body radiates the warmth of sheer delight
As I welcome you to your morning
Amidst the sunrise in the early morning light.


Brandy said...

Wow!! My very first posted picture!!

That my friends is the sunrise I woke to this morning.

It was too beautiful not to share. I recommend clicking on the pic to see it full size. It is breathtaking.

adam said...

Seems you've had more success with photo uploading than I have!! ~~ Blogger can be frustrating!

I'm awake early, here too! Your Sunrise is beautiful..and the words, as usual, outshine the photo...

a perfect match!

It's a great morning, Brandy. Thank you, for sharing.


Ryder said...

You have a very beautiful place to wake up to. Thanks for sharing. The words and the photo.

Sir Dirty Joke said...

Finally! A picture with your post! keep it up, you willhave more readers, guaranteed!

Lestat said...

Very nice. And I agree -- the image fits perfectly.