Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Naked before you.

My pussy presented to you.

Moist is the sensation as you slid between my folds.

Our moans of delight mingle into the air.

You pleasure only yourself.

Stroke after glorious stroke, you use my pussy.

Your greatest pleasure, my orgasm.

Your cock glides fluidly into the spot.

Thrust after thrust, you build the tension.

Knowing my every sensation.

Nipples sway and are caught.

Your fingers grip them tightly.

You squeeze them as my pussy squeezes you.

A sudden eruption of molten desire drenches you.

Saturating your fantasies, dripping from you, soaking the sheets.


Sir Dirty Joke said...

Once again, Fucking awesome graphic! Almost as awesome as your words!

Ryder said...

Wet. Oh how you can write.

adam said...

Very hot. Reading this, my heart isn't the only thing throbbing.

Hope ya don't mind my saying so.

It is an amazing ability you have. It comes across as effortless..natural. You capture these moments, with such naked detail. You leave one, sated...

fully, taken; fully given.