Sunday, August 27, 2006

I have time to write today.

Nothing seems to want to flow out.

I have started three poem and discarded them as quickly.

So instead I decided to write something else. Something equally as beautiful.

Warning: If you are here to get off...well today's post probably won't work for you.

I decided to write about my morning.

I woke up this morning in a warm bed in the house I grew up in. I stood up on my own two feet and inhaled the air around me without the help of machines. And then I smiled as my teenage son called down the hall when he heard me stirring and asked if I wanted him to make me coffee. Something he does quite often. I am not quite sure yet if he is just a real sweet kid or if he is afraid of his mother pre-coffee.

Chocolate Silk coffee in hand without having to make the effort to make it, I sat down at the my computer. My son bid me farewell as he rushed of with his friends to see the latest of the teenage tacky movies. Alone with time to write. Nothing flowed.

I can only think of how lucky I am today. I sit here by the bay window. It overlooks our back yard which sits on a riverbank. The sun reflecting off the water is beautiful. The way the beams of light flow through the branches of the Oak tree and filter through the Spanish moss, enticing to the eye. The sky above blue with wispy white clouds. The beauty of nature has always been my natural Prozac.

And I sat and thought as I drank my coffee in this majestic scene, life really is not that bad. I have four million problems that will face me when I finish my coffee and start my day but...
I woke up happy, able to stand on my own two feet. I breathed air into my lungs. I felt the love of a child. I am lucky enough to still have my mother where as many have lost theirs. I called her and wished her happy birthday. And when this last cup of coffee is finished I will tackle my day knowing...I ain't got it so bad after all.


adam said...

Thank you, Brandy. For reminding me. It is a comforting slice of life, you've given.

I'm breathing...remembering my Mom now..

All the best to you. You're beautiful.


Lestat said...


Most of the things we do are either to meet some urgent need or prevent some catastrophe. Rare and precious are the things we do just because the doing is itself valuable. Thanks for your post.