Sunday, May 28, 2006

Your mouth is clamped onto me, ravenously feeding on my juices.
Your lips, they engulf me, as you are tenderly sucking me in.
Your teeth find my clit and devour it with raw and unbridled passion.
Your tongue deeply searches and causes the violent surge to begin.
My hips arch upward and press my wet pussy tightly to your face
As you swallow my desire, consuming every drop of my carnal lust.
A pillow smothers my screams, as the river drowns out your moans
With a heat so intense, the air around us seems to glow, as if ready to combust.


Breathingroom said...

You stand in your truth butt ass Naked and make no apologies at that. Your writings inspire me to be as honest. Did you really get it on with that cop or is that just a fantasy. Love it.

Brandy said...

It is as they all are, the perfect mix of reality and fantasy, my love.