Sunday, June 04, 2006

I wanted you so badly today. My every thought was of you. Your eyes, your lips, your cock. Soon I began to play. I imagined you there with me. Sitting on the end of the bed. Talking dirty to me. Telling me exactly what to do. I put the pink, lacy nighty on that I imagined you had requested. Then I lay on the bed in front of you just like you asked me to. I spread my legs wide, showing you my pussy, already dripping with my juices, from thoughts of you all day. Slowly I began to play in the wetness, smearing my juices all over my cunt for you. Tracing my fingers up and down my slit, rubbing wet circles around my hardening clit. You watch my body as it begins to tighten, knowing how incredibly aroused I have become. You instruct me to put one finger into my pussy while reminding me to keep rubbing my clit. You watch as I plunge a finger deep inside and immediately start fucking myself with it. My legs tighten as I continue to strum my clit in time to the fucking I am giving myself. You watch as one finger becomes two and the fucking becomes more intense. You know it is about to happen, you know my body so well. You watch as I start to convulse, my body on the verge of an incredible orgasm as you firmly begin to instruct me. " Don't stop...Keep fucking that little pussy for me...Make it cum, baby. Make it cum for me...That's it...Keep fucking it...Oh...good girl...Look at all that cum." With that, I imagine you getting up from the end of the bed and opening the toy drawer next to me. You silently move back to the end of the bed and continue to observe me as the last of the previous orgasm flows through me. As my eyes open to the world around me, your voice instructs me once again. "Oh baby, you know I want more than that. You know I need more than that. We are not finished making that pussy cum yet are we?" Turned on by your words, your need for more, my hand reaches for the nearest toy. A long slender pink vibrator with a curved tip that reaches that magic button you love so well. Slowly I place the tip of this wonderful toy to my hard little clit. Rubbing up and down the underneath. My clit screaming with nerves, my cunt begging to be violated, I plunge the shaft deep inside. Working the toy in and out, rubbing it on the magic button, my body prepares itself for the next crashing waves of ecstasy. Once again you know it is happening. Your words urge me on. "Oh yes baby, make that pussy cum again....Make it cum for me...Don't stop fucking it until it cums real hard for me...I want to watch you...Watch you cumming for me...That's it...Keep fucking it...Good and hard...Oooooh yyeeesss!!!...Cum for me!!" You watch as my pussy clenches tightly to the toy, my hips buck involuntarily, cum drips down the crack of my ass. But you are still not satisfied. You want more. You know there is so much more cum in that tight pussy and you want it all. Your words begin again. "More." You move closer to me. Your eyes connect with mine and I can see your need, your lust. "More!!" You reach into the drawer and hand me the waterproof vibe. "I want you to squirt for me baby....I want to watch the cum as it comes gushing from your pussy....Make it squirt for me baby." I obey your every word as I turn the toy on. Your face is so close to my pussy now I can feel your hot breath as I place the vibe onto my already pulsing clit. Your words once again urge me on. "Good girl....make it cum for me....squirt my face....Squirt that pussy all over me" I plunge the toy in and out at an animals pace, the vibe pressed tightly to my clit. More words as I feel your hot breath. A scream is captured by my pillow as I remove the toy that has been fucking me so rapidly and arch my hips upward and spray your face with my hot juices. No longer able to control any of my own functions, you begin to slap roughly at my clit. The harder you slap the more I cum. Your face is bathed in me. Your chest dripping with my juice when you finally clamp your mouth around me and suck the remainder down your throat. My body thrashes below you as you keep your mouth clamped tightly to me, continuing to drink me in. Even as my body goes slack and collapses onto the bed you mouth never leaves my pussy. Your lips and tongue, kiss and suck my every fold. " you are so sweet.... ", you say with the hottest of breath. But your hot words of satisfaction are gurgled and barely audible, encased within the lips of my wet pussy.

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