Thursday, June 08, 2006

She had one thing on her mind all day. Your cock. How beautiful it was. How perfect it looked. How wonderful it felt in her mouth, how incredible it tasted on her tongue. Her mouth was literally watering by the time she had you naked on her bed. You wanted to kiss her. Although she loves your kisses, she wanted something else. She needed something else. She pacified you with a few hot kisses and then immediately took what she wanted. Kissing you softly on the head and then running her tongue completely down the length of it before she sucked your already hard cock full into her mouth. Your body ached with pleasure. The instant urge to cum was overtaken by an overwhelming need to feel so much more. You quickly pulled yourself from her hot mouth. She gave you no mercy. Her wet tongue immediately made contact with your quivering balls. Licking and sucking like an animal, she had you nearly cumming again. Wanting this to last, she slid up your body and devoured your lips, allowing you to come down from the first onslaught of pleasures awaiting you this evening. Her tongue invaded your mouth. Tasting you. She sucked on your lips as if they were candy. And at just the moment you thought you had regained control, she lowered her wet pussy to your cock and began to rub. The heat was intense. Her pussy was on fire. Your cock immediately began to pulse as she rubbed her hard clit up and down the length of your shaft. Harder and faster she rubbed. Her body was beginning to tense. Her breath was ragged in her kiss when you reached up and pinched her perfect nipples. The tighter you squeezed them the more furiously she rubbed. You lifted your head and sharply sucked one of those perfect nipples into your mouth while still pinching and twisting the other. Her clit getting harder and harder as the need to be filled welled up inside her. In a desperate need to cum she slid you deep inside her hot hole. You bit down on the nipple in your mouth just as her hot cum bathed your cock and flooded over your balls. You watched as a delicious little grin lit up her face and you knew that before you would fall asleep tonight you would be completely submerged in her.

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