Monday, August 13, 2007

I awoke this morning to the warmth of your body
Cuddling in close to mine.
Your arms wrapped tightly around my chest.
A nipple in each hand.
Slowly, you spooned into me.
The hardness of your cock, finding my warmth.
A soft moan escaped my lips.
Need welled up inside me.
My hand searched for you.
I felt the strength of your cock.
Leaving the warmth of your arms,
I traveled downward.
My lips trailed wet kisses across your skin.
Tenderly, I licked your most intimate creases.
I kissed and loved the shaft of your hard cock.
Your body rippled in intense pleasure.
Slowly, I worked the head into my kiss.
My lips gently loving you,
My tongue slowly tasting you.
You moaned in pleasure,
Your hips thrust forward, begging for more,
As I slowly slid the length of you into my throat.
With my lips constricted around the base of your cock,
My mouth began to nurse on you.
My tongue danced to the beat of lust,
Up and down every bulging vein,
As I sucked.
Your balls began to tighten against my bottom lip,
As I teased them with my fingertips.
Your moans became almost animal-like.
Your cock began to throb.
And I began to taste the liquids your lust,
As you threw your head back into the pillows
And screamed my name in pleasure.

1 comment:

Lestat said...

Nice. The best part of weekend morning sex is that afterwards you can fall asleep and do it again when you wake up at noon ....