Sunday, August 26, 2007

About last night...

In my mind,
I was a naughty little girl.
So desperate for a man for fuck her.
Really fuck her.
A man
Who could appreciate her womanly desires.
A man
Who could make her cum...
Like a woman.

I felt so deliciously dirty,
Sinning in my uniform.
My head pinned into the sofa pillows.
Your hips thrusting towards my face,
As you fucked my wet lips.
Praising me.
My throat, taking you.
All of you,

My skirt lifted up.
My fingers on my clit,
As you had instructed.
Yours, holding my panties to the side,
As you dig deeply into my pit of fire.
Praising me being a good girl.
For making it cum for you.
The liquids of my lust,
Wetting my white cotton panties.
Dripping from your chest.

You placed my wet pussy,
In every position imaginable.
Making me cum over and over.
You fucked me,
Looking down at me.
You saw my white blouse,
Open to the waist.
My nipples pressed and confined,
In a pink trimmed white cotton bra.
My plaid skirt lifted up,
The matching wet panties, pulled to the side,
You watched the last few precious strokes.
Your cock sliding in and out of my tight, wet pussy.
Giving way to a torrent of lust,
Spewing liquid heat from your cock.
Finishing the fantasy,
As it splashes onto my little plaid skirt.

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