Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thank you for such a naughty little surprise.
Our little conversation on my way home,
Just a tease.
You said that you had left me something,
Something on my bed,
Because it was mine anyway.
My mind raced with thoughts as I drove.
My pussy moist.
Loving how naughty you are.

I walked in to find them there.
You had taken them from my drawer.
I know you crawled into my bed,
You wrapped their softness around your cock.
The cotton crotch was still damp,
With the taste and smell of your sweet cum.
I immediately stripped myself of my clothing.
I slipped the damp panties on.
Closed my eyes.
Slowly I began to play with myself,
I imagined the scene.
I saw you here.
In my mind I watched you cum in my panties,
As I dampened them further with my own.


Lestat said...

Time phased sex. Cool.

Percy said...

amazing... as they say in star trek, just a warp in the space time continum...