Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I did dirty things tonight.

I was so horny.

I lit candles throughout the house.

I imagined you were here with me.

Watching me.

I wore very sexy lace.


Innocent, yet provocative.

My nipples were visible.

I pinched them for you.

My pussy wet with desire, waiting for you.

My toys, became you.

I closed my eyes and fell into the dream...

My ass is bare.

It rests on the animal print towel,

Protecting the furniture.

I insist that you watch me.

Your cock is so hard.

Wanting me.

Needing my warmth.

Wanting to feel the spasms

That my toy, can not feel,

As my pussy undulates around it.

You hear me as I moan your name.

The lust comes gushing forth.

You are instructed not to touch.

Your cock is straining against your body,

Begging to feel my insatiable heat.

It only urges me on,

I pry my legs open,

Forever wanting more.

One leg drapes over the back of the sofa.

My pussy is wet and dripping.

The rubber cock pounds me with a vengeance,

As I drift into the dream,

Searching for only one thing.

Filth, pours from my lips,

Dirty thoughts are spoken aloud,

As I continue to have you in my mind.

The cum overwhelms me...

I curl into the fetal position,

My legs pressed tightly together


My breath, ragged with lust.

Not wanting to open my eyes.

Knowing that you are not here.


Doublebogie said...

Oh, but my dear Brandy,

I WAS there.

Couldn't you feel me?

Ryder said...

Want and need coupled with fantasy can bring some very powerful results.
You write of them here, and share them well. I Felt every word... every word. More than you can imagine.

Well, maybe you can...

Lestat said...

Very nice. I can just picture being there watching you ...

Sheets said...


Percy said...

very nice.. it feels like ...
it feels