Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another great storm has blown through my life.
The calm is finally in sight.
Many changes have had to have been made.
I hate change.
Yet it has made me realize a few things...

Life is the product of what you create.
Friends are precious.
Family is not always a blood relative.
And sometimes ex-boyfriends are wonderful.

Oh, and never let a gorilla run amuck on your blog,
All kinds of weird things show up. (just kidding, you know I love you)

It has been a really rough summer here,
And the weather, has nothing to due with it..
Hopefully we can get back to "normal" again soon.

Thank you to those that missed me.
Your emails have made me smile,
In-between all the stress, drama and change.


t_g_and said...

You take good care - rooting for you!

Ryder said...

The winds of change can blow very strong at times. Hope your sail takes you where you want to be.

Percy said...

change... yeah the only constant in life is change..

Doublebogie said...

Nice to see you back again.
And YES, we HAVE missed you!

Learning and growing from changes is a powerful thing,
Sitting back and letting those changes rule you is the dangerous part.

I'll look forward to having you back again.


Lestat said...


Great to see you writing again. I've definitely missed you.

Devilbluedress said...

I love this post. Perhaps because I know so much about the bits and pieces behind. I love the poetry and puzzles behind it.