Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snuggling up behind me. Your body pressed up close to mine. Your arm wrapped tightly around me as you cup my breast and lightly play with my nipple. Your other hand between my thighs toying with my wet pussy. Touching my clit. Making me shiver as you run your fingers up and down the length of my wet slit. You know I am like putty in your hands as you arouse me once again. The head of your stiff cock is pressing hard against my ass. My body begins to move against you. Pushing my wet pussy towards your probing fingers. Your teeth tenderly biting into the flesh of my neck rendering me helpless as you whisper hotly in my ear. Knowing I will always give you more, you slowly slide your rock hard cock into my wet hole. You gently lift my ass as you probe even deeper into my tight cunt. Holding my pussy just where you want it. Sliding your cock in and out as you masturbate yourself with my tightening muscles. I love it when you just take me. The need building inside you as your cock begins to swell. The head rubbing so perfectly against the wet walls of my pussy. You hold my ass firmly in your grip as you begin to drill me. Pounding hard and fast, feeling the pleasure. You are so close. My legs tighten as I squeeze your cock, you are thrusting even harder. Your cock begins to pulse, as you thrust deeper and deeper. My pussy milking you, squeezing you. You can hold back no longer. You fuck me with deep, long, hard, thrusts. In and out you pound me as you bring yourself to the edge. You entire body tenses as you feel yourself beginning to cum. You pull out in time to see long hot spurts of cum cover my ass. Streaking up my back as I reach below you and milk your balls with my warm hand. You collapse on top of me as the last of the spasms of orgasm course through your veins. You kiss my neck lightly between gasping breaths as I feel the wetness between us, the wet bed below us. You roll on your side as our bodies cling tightly to each other. Relishing in the heat and wetness surrounding us as our mouth find each other. Breathing in, tasting each others desire, enjoying one last kiss before we slip off into dreamland.

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