Sunday, December 11, 2005

Talk Dirty To Me
I love to hear your velvet voice teasing my ear
As my fingers run hot circles across my wet clit
I imagine you here with me, fingers deep in my pussy
Feeling me, massaging me, making me cum for you
Your rock hard cock slides so beautifully inside me
The feeling exquisite as wet fingers are replaced by toys
I fuck myself hard and fast, imagining your cock
I close my eyes and listen to your hot words as you bring me closer
I imagine your hot body above me, piston fucking me, making me cum
My body shudders as the lightning courses through my veins
Your words in my ear, begging me to give you even more.
The sweet wetness drips from my pussy onto the sheets below me
As I hear the smile in your voice, knowing once again you have taken me to heaven.

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