Sunday, November 27, 2005

Love is so comfortable...
The look of desire and lust in her eyes was intense. Her body was unclothed. Her legs were spread wide in front of him. One leg pressing against the strong muscles of his shoulder, the other laying across his thigh as she placed her pussy in his lap. So hot and wet and still swollen from the mind shattering orgasms she had taken from him only moments earlier as she rode him like a wild stallion. Pressing hard on her clit as she stroked the length of him. Grinding hard little circles on her rock hard little button as she drenched his cock in her hot juices. The bed below him getting wetter and wetter as her juices dripped down his hot ass. He had cum so hard. Her pussy still quivering, was now placed in his lap. Offered to him with love and lust so delightfully entwined. His to play with, his to have, to do any dirty little thing to he had ever wished, ever fantasized about. He bent his head down and kissed her hard wet clit. Sucking it softly into his mouth as her body shuddered beneath him. Her pussy a literal puddle of juices. Hot wet cum covering her from so many intense orgasms. He drank her in. The taste so sweet on his tongue as he swallowed her liquid desire, knowing there is so much more of it to be had. He sits back. Looking at her. His to have. His fingers cannot hold back any longer. He must touch her. Feel her. She holds her pussy open wide for him as he inserts the first digit. She is so tight. So wet. He slowly works it in and out at a heavenly pace as her searches for the spot. Her body tightens and convulses as the first waves of orgasm begin to overtake her. Sheer surrender as she is helpless in his lap. A second finger is slowly inserted as he moves closer to his target. Stroking, pressing, feeling her. A low and lustful moan escapes her lips as he reaches his goal. Hard and fast her fucks her with his fingers. He feels it building. He has mastered it to a tee. Her body begins to tense. Her fingers furiously rubbing tight circles around her hard clit. Her pussy tightens around his fingers. He only fucks her harder. She is squeezing him so tightly from the mind shattering orgasm flowing though her body. But he wants more. He knows it's coming. She tightens again and screams into the pillow as he removes his fingers. A hot shower of cum gushes from her pussy soaking his thighs. Not enough. He wants more. Both fingers dive in for more. He holds he legs wide with one hand as he piston pumps her pussy demanding more, with the other. He feels it building. He strokes her even harder. His words like honey to her ears as he whispers, "Let it go baby. Let me have it. Cum for me. Squirt all over me." He presses the button again. Her eyes begin rolling into the back of her head as she moans in extasy, a shower of cum gushing from her swollen slit. He slaps roughly on her clit making her continue to spray. It is all over his face. Her thighs wet. Her stomach wet. He feels the droplets of wetness covering his chest. He knows there is more. Three fingers now invade her hot wet pussy. Pounding her with a vengeance. She furiously rubs her clit wanting to give him more. Honey once again coats her ears as he whispers lustfully to her. "More baby, give me more. Cum for me. Cum hard. Just let it go. Squirt me. Soak me." Knowing just the right moment. Feeling it build he takes her to the edge once again. Holding her there for just one torturous moment before he commands her to release. She grabs a pillow and screams into it as a powerful stream of cum begins to squirt from within her. He slaps at her pussy, splashing the stream all over himself. Slapping hard on her clit to produce yet more of this intense stream of hot, sweet liquid honey. It does not stop. He splashes it all over her. Her face is wet. Her tits covered in her own cum. Her stomach glistening with her wetness in the candlelight. The bed it soaked beneath her. Her body begins to convulse uncontrollably, and then goes limp as she collapses into his lap. He slowly slides her from his lap, resting her on the bed as he slides his wet body tightly up against hers. His mouth covers hers as he inhales the last of the slight moans escaping her lips. Their tongues find themselves in such a familiar way as they kiss. Such comfort in lust and love combined. Such comfort felt so intensely as they drift off to sleep in each others loving arms in the comforts of love.

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