Sunday, October 16, 2005

She was running her fingers through the hair on his head. Her nails causing tingling sensations to travel down his spine as she worked her way down his neck. The sensation intensified as she travels her nails across his shoulders and down his chest. He was so turned on. So hot for her right now. One hand travels from the steering wheel and grasps onto her bare thigh. The short little pink dress she is wearing barely covering her. Her grip tightens on his shoulder as he works his hand upwards on her thigh. His fingers graze the soft baby smooth lips of her pussy and his eyes widen as he realizes she is wearing no panties. The temperature around them seem to rise instantly as she trailed her nails down his arm. She leaned in close to him and breathed the hottest of breath into his ear only seconds before she reclined her seat and spread her legs offering him her pussy. So beautiful, always shaven so baby smooth and clean. Her clit already hard, protruding though the top of her lips. Her sticky wet juices glistening under the passing streetlights. He grips tightly to the steering wheel as she guides his hand to her awaiting offering. His eyes stray from the road long enough to watch himself as he stroked her wet slit up and down, spreading her juices. His finger grazes her hard clit and she shivers and moans. When their eyes connect he knows that she is his for the taking. She will give him as much as he commands her to. Her fingers immediately start rubbing her clit as he inserts his finger into her hot wet hole. She spreads her legs wide as she opens her pussy to him. He knows every inch of her by heart. He knows just where to touch her. Just how to touch her. She is under his control. Her pussy obeys his every command. He inserts another finger curving them upward so perfectly. He feels her soft little button and rubs it so gently. Picking up the pace he thrusts his fingers in and out. She begins to tighten. He looks from the road and watches as she tightens around his fingers. Her clit being continuously assaulted by her own fingers, obeying his commands as he tells her to rub it hard for him. The muscles in her legs tighten as her pussy grips him even tighter. He rubs her little button with increased pressure as she builds for the release. The look on his face intense as he commands her to squirt for him. Gripping tightly to his fingers as he thrusts them in and out with force. Demanding her to cum, to squirt all over his hand. All over his truck. Letting her get right to the edge, he holds her there for a while. Allowing the orgasm to build, allowing the intensity to increase until she was begging him to make her cum. He surveys the traffic around him making sure he has enough time to take his eyes from the road to watch her spray. He trusts his finger in a few more times demanding she spray. He removed his finger from her hot hole to witness the steam of hot cum squirting from her. She slaps roughly at her clit strengthening the orgasm, causing more liquid to spray from her pussy, splashing his hand in her juices, splashing his arm with her hot liquids and she continues to slap her pussy giving more and more as he demands her to keep cumming. He reinserts his fingers. Diving right into the spot that makes her gush. Pressing tightly to it, he instructs her to squirt him again. Her pussy obeying his every command as he removes his fingers to watch as she sprayed her hot juices all over her thighs, the seat below her darkening as the wet spot grows larger. Again she ferociously rubs her clit, extending the orgasm, giving him more. She slaps at the juices, splashing him with them, knowing how much he loves it. Her orgasm slowly ebbing away as they approach the final red light. A candlelit room and a bed awaiting them as he shifted the truck into park. The night had only just begun.

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yvonnecheng said...

You write beautifully.