Sunday, October 16, 2005

She met him at the office. Everyone else had gone home for the day. The small talk didn't last long. Within minutes they were entangled in each others arms. Mouths savagely devouring each other, tongues racing, teeth clinking...alone at last! She suddenly leaves the kiss behind as she drops to her knees. Trailing kisses down his incredible chest and stomach on her way to what she has wanted, so badly, all day. Slowly she traces the head with kisses, loving every precious inch of him. Licking and kissing the shaft, nibbling lightly on his balls. Grasping tightly on his ass, she pushes him into her mouth. His legs start to tremble as she begins. She tightly closes her lips around the base and swallows. He almost loses his balance as her throat muscles start to constrict around the sensitive head of his perfect cock. She releases his cock from the grip of her mouth long enough to guide him into his desk chair. Dropping back to her knees she takes hold of him once more. Sucking so perfectly. Up and down. Tongue licking and rubbing that tender little spot under the head. His hands are entangled in her hair. He pushes her ever so gently up and down his shaft as she sucks. She takes a moment to look up at him. He is so hot. Chest so perfect, eyes that melt you, lips so suckable. He too is looking, watching her as she makes love to him with her hot little mouth. He loves her technique. He loves the way she runs her tongue on the underside of his shaft as she sucks it perfectly. Taking all of him. He loves that she will swallow him, completely. Sucking every last drop with such intensity it almost causes him to scream. Loving him so tenderly with her lips and tongue after he has cum. So sensitive after orgasm. Paralyzed by pleasure, lying motionless as she licks and gently takes him back into her mouth. Her head resting on his stomach as she gently sucks, extending the sheer pleasure of orgasm beyond the realm of normalcy.

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